ADAPT Localization offers a full range of translation and localization services for a great variety of languages. We specialize in medical and life sciences (medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, analytics, etc.) and IT. Within these fields we are positioned to work with all materials you may require.

We can also carry out the technical tasks involved, such as software engineering, localization testing, multimedia adaptation, pre-press work, authoring and layout services, localization consulting and readability testing.

Medical translation and localization services

Whether released on successive individual markets or globally, your product needs to be adapted to local conditions, language and culture. We are positioned to work with all materials you may require.

Whether it is the localization of software interfaces, help systems, user manuals, training guides, multimedia presentations, marketing collaterals, IFUs or regulatory documents, ADAPT will deliver convincing results. Our medical translation and localization services include:

ADAPT Localization offers expert translations for the life sciences, medical and IT industries.
A generalized project workflow at ADAPT: the blue boxes indicate activities on the client side; the work described in the ochre ones happens at ADAPT.
ADAPT Localization – we speak your language, everywhere.
  • Translation and localization into all relevant languages
  • Layout, desktop publishing, graphics and multimedia
  • Software testing and engineering
  • Readability tests

Translation and localization services for medical, life sciences, IT and telecommunications companies

Medical and life sciences on one side, and IT and telecommunication on the other are the markets we know best. Our expertise includes the following key areas:

  • Medical and life sciences: medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and analytics
  • IT and telecommunication: software, hardware, web technology and eLearning

Computer-aided translation tools and translation-memory systems

We translate using state-of-the-art technology wherever the use of such technology is feasible. This includes special computer-aided translation (CAT) tools for the testing and localization of the software interface, as well as translation and terminology management databases – so-called translation-memory systems. These technologies help save costs and reduce work times while simultaneously ensuring the consistency of the translations. Technologies and processes include:

  • ISO 9000-compliant workflows and QA system
  • Expert translators working in their native language
  • Translation-memory technology
  • Graphical software localization tools
  • Large array of QA tools
  • Software development environments

Global medical translation and localization services

ADAPT is headquartered in Bonn, and maintains offices in Barcelona and Stockholm. These currently accommodate over 30 permanent in-house staff: project managers, translation teams, localization engineers, DTP and graphics specialists, technical support and administrative personnel.

Additionally there is a strong base of regular external collaborators, and stable, long-term production teams and partners around the world. This allows us to follow the normative requirement of in-country translation for all our languages. It also adds scalability to our processes and gives us wider access to local specialists.