In a vibrant field like medical technology, innovation often requires new partnerships between forward-looking companies, visionary developers and medical design experts who have not yet worked together.

For Swiss Medtech, it was thus a natural choice to award Erdmann Design to a new network of member companies that showcases specialised usability innovation services and expertise.

With a team of highly specialised Swiss usability service providers, Erdmann Design presented applied medical technology product development in the fast lane under the motto ‘Together at the start – faster on the market’.

On the premises of the Swiss Medtech day in Bern, a limited number of invited guests experienced a hands-on tour of the team’s competences covering all aspects of product development, from design thinking to engineering and manufacturing.

When summarising the philosophy of the development team, Erdmann Design CEO Raimund Erdmann said: “Innovation is dependent upon having participants who don’t know all the answers independently.”

Fast-tracked innovation through design thinking

The Swiss Medtech day recently showcased a finalised navigation solution for dental applications.

Raimund continued: “At the beginning of the road to a new product we employ the method of design thinking to generate and enhance corporate strategy.”

Through the application of human centred design, the team ensures that innovation is fast-tracked and solutions-driven.

He added: “In order to render our concepts and ideas tangible, we accompany our customers from the concept work through the development stages to series-production readiness.

“Our state-of-the-art machine park enables us to manufacture complex, high-quality prototypes and series just in time.”

The task of manufacturing the final product swiftly and well within the requirements of the stringent medical technology industry is then executed by the established producer.

The presentation of a successful Swiss formula for MedTech product development proved to be very attractive for brand manufacturers and subcontractors alike.

Swiss Medtech CEO Peter Biedermann said: “Shortly after our invitation, the event was booked out with many requests to spare.”

With the presentation of its networked competences and seamless processes, the Erdmann Team provided the audience with valuable insights.