Kolabtree, the world’s largest freelance platform for scientists, has announced that it has seen a 50% rise in demand for freelance medical writers during the coronavirus pandemic. The platform now contains more than 17,000 scientists and industry experts available on demand. Of this, over 4,000 are highly-qualified medical writers, most of whom contain PhD’s and possess expertise in niche subsets such as regulatory writing and scientific publishing.

Kolabtree’s mission is to connect scientific expertise with businesses seeking these skills. Their goal is to make science easily accessible, and the global lockdowns might have inadvertently helped. With remote working on the rise due to the pandemic, freelancer platforms are expanding to include professionals operating in the aptly named ‘Expert Economy’. This encompasses experts in science, research and academia, who are taking up more consultancy projects and offering their services on-demand.

The platform’s global network of scientific and medical writers operate in a wide spectrum of 3,000+ specialities such as clinical report writing, life science content writing and even educational content development. This offers businesses an opportunity to peruse multiple portfolios before handpicking a freelancer uniquely suited to their requirements.

Kolabtree’s diverse range of writers have a successful track record of helping businesses with a myriad significant activities such as

  • Achieving EU MDR compliance through gap assessments and up-to-date CERs
  • Compiling research and literature reports on coronavirus through extensive analyses
  • Developing authoritative content for blog articles, website pages and product launches

Medical Device, Biotech and Life Science companies are also allocating increased budgets towards hiring medical writers, in a bid to highlight their unique advantages and position themselves perfectly in the market. The increased availability of the best scientific writers on freelancer platforms such as Kolabtree has forced companies to veer away from traditional hiring methods, and explore the burgeoning knowledge economy of on-demand expertise.

“We saw a major spike in demand for freelance medical writers when the pandemic started,” says Ashmita Das, CEO and co-founder of Kolabtree. “As companies worldwide made the transition to a remote/hybrid workforce, they also realized the potential benefits it has to offer, especially in terms of accessing talent across borders. This is a step in the right direction, as we believe that collaboration is key to strengthening research and innovation.”

The trend showcases the gradual emergence of an ‘expert’ economy of scientists and researchers offering on-demand knowledge services on a wide range of subjects, which businesses can tap into through platforms such as Kolabtree. With remote working looking like it’s here to stay, this might define and shape the future of how companies connect with scientific minds and take their products to market successfully.