Stainless-Steel Wire, Rope and Tube-Based Components for Medical Use
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Asahi Intecc Europe

Stainless-Steel Wire, Rope and Tube-Based Components for Medical Applications

Asahi Intecc is a manufacturer and supplier of stainless-steel wire, rope and tube-based components for medical device applications.

Strawinskylaan 527 (WTC Tower B - 5th floor),
1077 XX Amsterdam,

Strawinskylaan 527 (WTC Tower B - 5th floor),
1077 XX Amsterdam,

Asahi Intecc is a manufacturer and supplier of stainless-steel wire, rope and tube-based components for medical device applications.

We specialise in solving mechanical trade-offs between properties such as bending flexibility, tensile strength, torque transmission and others for slender, minimally invasive medical devices.

All components are custom-made, with the possibility to add different polymer inner and outer coatings and tubing, solder and laser welding, and terminal and parts assembly.

Cable tubes and torque coils for medical device applications

Our cable tubes are bespoke stainless-steel or nitinol shafts, or catheter structures comprising separate helically twisted wires.

By adjusting the twist angulation, we can customise the wire thickness and structure, torque, bending flexibility and elongation resistance, depending on the required application.

Our torque coil is a more flexible variant with two or three layers instead of one.

Customisable inner tube assembly

The inner tube is a custom-made two-layer extruded tube designed to act as an inner liner for Asahi Intecc’s cable tubes.

Its lower layer is a fluoropolymer to provide decreased friction, sealing or chemical isolation in the inner lumen while the upper layer is from PEBAX to facilitate proper adhesion to the assembled stainless steel-based cable tube.

The minimum wall thickness of the inner tube is 0.03mm, depending on the size of its diameter.

Outer coatings for cables, coils and related components

Asahi Intecc’s provides clients with a variety of additional coatings to complement our cables, cable tubes and coils.

This includes in-house spraying (PTFE), dipping (PTFE), extrusion (PE, PA, PEBAX, TPU, different fluoropolymers besides PTFE) or heat shrinking (PTFE and other fluoropolymers, PEBAX) technologies.

The coating material is defined based on requirements for lubricity, sealing, electrical insulation, and others.

Laser weld assembly capabilities

When different mechanical properties such as different bending flexibility need to be combined into a single shaft, a suitable solution can be to laser or solder-weld discrete components of our cable, coil and rigid tube/hypotube-based components together.

As an additional service, we offer in-house laser weld assembly of screw threads, drivers and other bespoke components to our cable and coil-based products.

Hypotubes for minimally invasive medical devices

The Torque hypotube incorporates two of Asahi Intecc’s core technologies, wire drawing and torque transmission augmentation. Ideal for minimally invasive medical devices that require high stretch and compression resistance, kink resistance, shape recovery, and 1:1 torque characteristics.

Typical applications include endoscopic fine-needle aspiration (FNA) and other minimally invasive devices used in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. It is also often combined with our other, more flexible cable and tube components for enhanced proximal pushability and maximum torque.

About Asahi Intecc

Asahi Intecc is an International Organization of Standardization (ISO)13485 and ISO 9001-certified Japanese medical device manufacturer. It specialises in custom-made flexible ultra-fine wire ropes and tubing with high torsional rigidity, such as the single-layer ACT-ONE cable tube and the multi-layer Torque Coil.

We also offer in-house coating and parts laser-weld or crimp assembly services to our micro rope and tube components.

Drawing from our vast experience in the medical device field such as vascular, structural heart, endoscopic, minimally invasive and other devices, our in-house wire-drawing, wire-forming, coating, torque and assembly technologies provide a broad range of options for your device.

Product Lineup

The torque coil is a highly flexible coil consisting of multiple layers with very fine wires, which makes the coil ideal for high-speed rotation in very tortuous routings or anatomies.

PTFE Liner

Our PTFE Liner features ultra-thin wall (0.0003") with tight tolerance, maximise your ID or minimise your OD with our qualified catheter liner.

Asahi Intecc Europe BV

Strawinskylaan 527 (WTC Tower B - 5th floor)

1077 XX Amsterdam