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Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Enhances Minnesota Rubber & Plastics Advanced Materials Lab

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) is a versatile and malleable analytical technique used to measure materials’ physical properties. Recently, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MRP) invested in its already substantial material science capabilities with the purchase of a TA Instruments Discovery DMA 850, to deliver powerful DMA analysis capabilities to its customers. Examples of physical properties that can be analyzed with DMA include storage modulus and glass transition temperature. These are instrumental in assisting MRP, and our customers, in specifying the correct materials for an application, and also providing valuable inputs for our finite element (FEA) analyses.

For example, MRP developed a unique test method to measure the viscoelastic behavior of five different molded parts using DMA for a customer. MRP was able to identify that the tan delta1 was highest for failing parts. MRP developed a maximum allowable value for this unit of measure and is in the process of implementing this test method into a control plan for the customer’s products, which will drive improved performance and reduced service cost.

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1 Tan delta is a measure of viscoelastic behavior of a material by quantifying the way in which a material absorbs and disperses energy.

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