New England Wire Technologies - Custom Cables, Tubing and Catheters
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New England Wire Technologies

Cable and Tubing Products for Medical Devices

New England Wire Technologies manufactures customised wires and cables, braid and spiral reinforced tubing, lined catheter shafts and hybrid tubing.

130 North Main Street,
Lisbon, NH 03585,
United States of America

New England Wire Technologies manufactures customised wires and cables, braid and spiral reinforced tubing, lined catheter shafts and hybrid tubing.

The company’s engineering and design experts assist in the development and testing of wire and cable products built to ensure each offering is technologically advanced and of high quality. Advanced extrusion expertise and extensive wire processing capabilities include thin-wall, close tolerance tubing, bonding layers of thermoplastic to fluoropolymer and braiding all types of round and flat wire.

New England Wire Technologies’ medical product offerings include micro-miniature coax cables; reinforced silicone rubber cables; low-noise Parylene or SLEEK™ coated cables; multi-conductor cables; and customised profiles, including ribbon cables, zip cord and woven cables, which are built to meet customer requirements.

Customised coaxial cables for medical device and electronics manufacturers

New England Wire Technologies designs, manufactures and tests a wide range of coaxial cables to meet the custom needs of medical device and electronics manufacturers.

The company’s miniature and micro-miniature coaxes are manufactured to meet the impedance, capacitance, or other exacting electrical requirements of the medical industry with custom options for the centre conductor, shield and jacket. Examples include high-strength alloy conductors for superior flex life and foamed dielectrics for reduced size and attenuation.

By utilising high-quality and low-dielectric constant materials, New England Wire Technologies is able to reduce size without sacrificing signal integrity. In addition, the firm has the capability to combine multiple coaxes with other components into larger instrumentation cables. With short lead times and low minimum quantities, New England Wire’s customised coaxial cables are the superior choice.

Conductor, shield and insulation cables

New England Wire Technologies provides customisable multi-conductor cables that feature a wide variety of shielding and insulated materials to meet clients’ medical device requirements.

The cables comprise a finely stranded conductor for increased flexibility, an extended flex-life and resistance to fatigue, miniaturisation as low as 46 American wire gage (AWG) and performance in high or low-temperatures, as well as low triboelectric noise and signal integrity, parylene and SLEEK™ coating options, and extruded insulation options to allow sterilisation up to 250°C.

Hybrid cables for complex configurations

New England Wire Technologies’ creative engineering staff designs cables incorporating dissimilar components to suit the client’s medical product requirements.

The company offers cables combining insulated conductors with one or more vent tubes, lumens, thermocouple leads, resistance wires, strength members, or combinations of complex configurations.

New England Wire Technologies’ offerings include:

  • Lumens/vent tubes can be utilised to transfer liquids, gases or other cable components such as fibre-optic filaments can be combined with multiple insulated conductors
  • Strength members can be anything from stainless steel cables to monofilaments to aramid fibres with a non-fray extrusion can be cabled with other components to yield high tensile strength and low elongation
  • Communications components, including USB, Cat 5, HDMI, fibre-optics or other configurations of coax or twisted pairs can be easily incorporated into the design. Improved versions like autoclave capable, low attenuation, or high flex life can be designed, built and tested in-house
  • Thermocouple extension wires using American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard materials can be bundled into a cable or added with a jacket for a breakout
  • High-frequency power can be supplied using New England Wire Technologies’ custom litz wire, preventing heating and saving space and energy
  • Magnet wire twisted pairs for a low-voltage signal can be bundled into many pairs or insulated for breakout with other components such as strength members or power leads
  • Resistance wire can be placed in a cable for heating components or placed around tubes to heat the contents

Medical braided products, catheter tubing and braid and spiral reinforced tubing

New England Wire Technologies’ subsidiary New England Tubing Technologies focuses on manufacturing braid and spiral reinforced medical tubing, lined catheter shafts and eTubing™.

The company works closely with its customers to offer custom-designed components, collaborative product design, prototyping and production capabilities.

Its large variety of raw materials and short lead times help customers manage product design, prototype development and manufacture of their final components in the shortest design-to-market time possible.

Send New England Wire Technologies an enquiry today to find out what it can offer you.

New England Wire Technologies

130 North Main Street

Lisbon, NH 03585

United States of America

New England Tubing Technologies

132 North Main Street

Lisbon, NH 03585

United States of America