Optinova Releases FEP Heat Shrink Solutions

Optinova is proud to announce the release of two versions of FEP heat shrink tubing, 1.6: 1 FEP HS and FEP QuickShrink 2.0.

Both versions are available in customised sizes and specially selected dimensions.

The 1.6:1 FEP HS is a cost-effective heat shrink solution, which uses Optinova’s trademark of a high-quality, consistent extrusion for medical devices. Shrink temperatures are from 200°C.

FEP QuickShrink 2.0 features a fast shrinking process that provides a shorter production cycle and lower costs. It also has a low and adjustable shrink temperature between 80°C-170°C.

The low shrink temperature makes FEP QuickShrink 2.0 an ideal solution for processing materials with low melt temperature as overheating can be avoided.

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