Optinova Launches their Next Generation FEP Heat Shrink Tubing, FEP QuickShrink 2.0

Unique features of the FEP QuickShrink 2.0 are the fast shrinking process that gives shorter production cycle and lower production costs. The high lubricity, transparency, chemical resistance and good anti-stick surface make it ideal for tube bonding, reflow processing and forming.

FEP QuickShrink 2.0 has a low and adjustable shrink temperature between 80°C and 170°C (176°F and 338°F). Optinova has built its recognition in the medical tubing field around high quality and batch-to-batch consistency. FEP HS customers can expect the parts to perform consistently between batches.

FEP QuickShrink 2.0 is available both as customised solutions and from our standard stock of specially selected dimensions.

Features and benefits of the FEP QuickShrink 2.0:

  • Rapid shrinking process
  • Cost-saving product design
  • Lower shrinking temperature
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Low gas permeability
  • Excellent transmission of UV rays
  • Excellent electrical insulation values
  • Gamma, ETO, e-beam and autoclave. Sterilisable


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