Optinova Acquires ScanTube and Thai ScanTube

Optinova, a division of Eriksson Capital, is pleased to announce that the company has entered an agreement to acquire both ScanTube and Thai ScanTube.

Optinova board member Rebecka Eriksson said: "Today we are very pleased to announce that the acquisition of ScanTube & Thai ScanTube is finalised.

"It is with great joy to advance the strength of Optinova’s global position of a world class tubing provider to the medical device market with the addition of the complimentary capabilities of ScanTube and Thai ScanTube."

The two companies will merge into Optinova, led by Optinova Finland CEO Anders Wiklund.

Wiklund said: "The acquisition and integration of all business units will position Optinova to continue its aggressive growth, strength and the ability to evolve and advance technology from an even stronger global position."

ScanTube CEO Leif Isacson said: "I am proud of the business we have developed in ScanTube and I am very happy over the next steps we will now take together with Optinova, in positioning the team as a world class tubing provider with many expanded capabilities.

"It feels a bit like the circle is now complete, as a matter of fact ScanTube and Optinova has the same founding fathers in the Jacobson family."

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