Accutronics is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and chargers.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide depend on Accutronics’ research and development to integrate the latest cell technology, design, electronic fuel gauging, and active safety systems to power their battery-powered devices.

Accutronics can deliver a power solution that gives any device a competitive advantage, no matter the budget restrictions or timescale. Research and development is the backbone of Accutronics, and its state-of-the-art facilities enables the company to stay ahead of competition, and develop new products in a rapidly evolving world.

Accutronics delivers outstanding levels of customer service throughout the product and project lifecycle. Products are designed specifically for clients and are sold to the client only – no unapproved specification changes and no aftermarket issues.

Accutronics’ Accupro custom design and manufacturing service offers battery and charger solutions that are both stylish and functional.
CC2300 and CC3800 credit card batteries are compact, rechargeable lithium ion battery solutions available within a short lead-time.
The CX6100 charger is an innovative accessory for charging Accutronics range of Entellion CC2300 and CC3800 credit card batteries.
VR420 lithium ion standard smart batteries provide efficient energy use and accurate fuel gauging for mission-critical electronic devices.
The Intelligent Power Vault is a multi-battery power source with hot-plugging facilities.
The Inspired Energy range of standard smart batteries, chargers and accessories is distributed exclusively by Accutronics.

OEMs require a variety of power-sourcing strategies and approach battery and charger procurement in different ways. Accutronics strives to make the integration of a battery or charger as simple as possible for OEMs by offering multiple development routes coupled with flexible commercial agreements.

Custom battery and charger design and manufacture

For clients that require a custom battery and charger design, Accutronics’ Accupro design and manufacturing service is an ideal solution, as it can seamlessly integrate into a company’s OEM device development programme. For more than 40 years Accutronics has provided OEMs worldwide with high-performing and reliable custom battery and charger solutions that fulfil the most challenging applications for hard-wearing use. The Accupro service also includes Accutronics’ project management process, which ensures all custom projects are completed and delivered on schedule and within the client’s budget restrictions. This includes coordinating the battery and charger design development with the client’s device specifications, including ensuring weight, volume, functionality, materials and regulatory compliance are all optimised.

Off-the-shelf portable power products

For customers who want an off-the-shelf solution or who require minor customisation of an existing design, Accutronics’ Entellion range of batteries and chargers is a flexible solution. Entellion products are smart, innovative portable power products, designed to meet the emerging needs of feature-laden devices in professional markets.

Created and manufactured by Accutronics, Entellion combines Accutronics’ expertise in custom OEM battery products with its understanding of OEM requirements and market trends. Entellion products are available off-the-shelf and can also be customised for specific client applications, to help clients get their products to market quickly and confidently.

Credit card batteries – compact rechargeable lithium ion batteries

CC2300 and CC3800 credit card batteries were developed in response to OEM demand for compact rechargeable lithium ion battery solutions that are available on a short lead-time. Both products contain 3.7V lithium ion cell technology combined with impedance tracking fuel gauge, active protection system and a compact connector system, within a package containing the same environmental footprint of a credit card. Regulatory approval of customer devices is simplified as both batteries are CE marked and have been tested to IEC62133 (safety) and UN38.3 (transportation) standards.

Accutronics has also developed an innovative charger, the CX6100, to complement the range. The new charger is an ideal accessory for charging Entellion CC2300 and CC3800 credit card batteries. The single bay desktop charger quickly and efficiently charges devices, and can be used worldwide due to its wall-mounted power supply. The charger itself is certified to UL60950-1 and is CE-marked. As with Accutronics’ credit card batteries, the CX6100 can be adapted to meet specific OEM requirements. While the standard device colour is coo grey, the case colour, labelling and packaging can all be customised.

VR420 – high-energy smart batteries for mission-critical devices

The VR series of lithium ion standard smart batteries contain long-lasting and accurate fuel gauging features for mission-critical electronic devices. In addition to this, the VR series features the latest impedance tracking SMBus and SBS compliant fuel gauges, five LED visual state-of-charge indicators, a robust case design, six-way connector interface and slide rails for easy device insertion. All VR series come with UN38.3, IEC62133 and UL2054 approvals for transportation and safety regulations as standard, enabling OEMs to insert them into devices with minimal cost and effort.

Multi-battery lithium ion power system

The Intelligent Power Vault combines lithium ion battery technology, intelligent charging circuitry, and energy-saving regulated power control in a multi-battery power source solution. This power system is particularly well-suited for the medical and industrial sectors, as it can be easily integrated with transportable and power back-up devices.

Inspired Energy – standard smart batteries, chargers and accessories

Accutronics is the sole distributor of Inspired Energy’s range of standard smart batteries, chargers and accessories that provide OEMs with a full range of options to integrate their devices.

Inspired Energy batteries can be customised with unique OEM branding, special software and dedicated documentation. Accutronics provides detailed technical and commercial support, European stock holding, online purchasing and multi-currency pricing.