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Power Supplies for the Medical Device Industry

Advanced Energy designs and develops high-performance power supplies for medical device applications, including imaging, analysis, clinical and molecular diagnostics, dental, ophthalmic and surgical equipment.


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Advanced Energy designs and develops high-performance power supplies for medical device applications, including imaging, analysis, clinical and molecular diagnostics, dental, ophthalmic and surgical equipment.

With more than 40 years’ experience, the company’s high-quality, efficient and reliable power solutions meet the high-levels of safety required by medical equipment manufacturers. They are used to help optimise production processes in the healthcare industry to accelerate time-to-market and reduce research and development (R&D) costs.

AC-DC power supply units and distributed power applications

Advanced Energy’s standard AC-DC portfolio includes a wide range of units, ranging from 3W to 24kW. These feature different form factors and packaging, with many models offering an innovative and intelligent design designed specifically for the medical device industry.

Artesyn’s iHP configurable, intelligent, high-power system meets the regulatory requirements of the medical industry in terms of safety, replacing isolation transformers in medical equipment.
Artesyn’s uMP (microMP) system is a cost-effective digitally configurable power supply that provides market-leading density, efficiency, reliability and agency approvals.
The LCC600 series is Artesyn’s flagship conduction-cooled / fanless power supply for medical applications.
The Artesyn LCM series of AC-DC power supply units offer high-quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions ranging from 300W to 3,000W.
Artesyn’s AEE series of medical DC-DC converters feature 10W, 15W and 20W power outputs, as well as low-leakage current and reinforced insulation systems.
Artesyn’s ASA6W-M series 6W medical DC-DC converters feature low-leakage current and a reinforced insulation system rated for 300VAC working voltage and 4,200VAC input / output isolation.

The company also offers distributed power applications such as DC-DC power conversion products.

Mass spectrometer power solutions for medical laboratories

Advanced Energy supports medical laboratories with power solutions for mass spectrometers.

The iMP4 series is a flexible and versatile multi-output solution that meets the regulatory requirements of the medical device industry. It supplies up to eight output voltages and is able to adjust outputs by 10% during development.

These highly configurable AC-DC power supplies feature a PMBus® compliant I2C serial interface that includes remote monitoring of voltage, current and temperature.

Multi-outlet power solutions for medical and cosmetic ultrasound

Advanced Energy’s multi-outlet power supply units have applications in high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) devices. Meeting international industry requirements, the MicroMP (µMP) series of digitally configurable AC-DC power supplies are compact and feature a power range from 400W to 1,800W.

The firm’s engineers can also modify the series to meet a particular leakage current specification.

AC-DC power supplies for immune detection

Advanced Energy’s LCM600Q-T-N AC-DC power supply unit offers the stability and reliability required for immune detection and diagnostic device applications.

These efficient and digitally controlled units provide cost-effective front-end AC-DC power supply with an output ranging from 300W to 1,500W.

It also offers versatile bulk power for a wide variety of industrial, medical, military and process automation applications.

Medical compression pump power supplies

Advanced Energy’s NPS60-M series is an AC-DC power supply that is suitable for compression pumps used within treatment regimens for vascular or lymphatic conditions.

Providing 60W at 12V, this unit’s reliable open-frame power supply meets the needs of medical equipment manufacturers.

Power solutions for surgical operating tables

Advanced Energy’s LCC250 series of conduction-cooled AC-DC power supplies meet the needs of surgical operating table manufacturers.

With a 24V output and the ability to efficiently drive operating table motors, the series also makes no audible noise during operation, allowing surgeons to work undisturbed. In addition, the unit offers a consistent current mode operation, meeting the stringent energy requirements of a surgery.

White Papers

  • Choosing the Right Medical Power Supply

    Because modern medical equipment heavily leverages advances in the computing and electronics fields, it is increasingly critical to select the right power supply to meet functional and regulatory requirements. This paper discusses the unique design requirements for medical power supplies, and how to select the right medical power supply for your application and product.


  • Artesyn LCM Series

    Advanced Energy's Artesyn LCM series AC-DC power supplies provide outstanding quality and high efficiency at a competitive cost and include safety approvals for industrial and medical equipment.

  • Artesyn LCC Series

    Advanced Energy's Artesyn LCC power supplies are fanless, conduction-cooled units housed in a robust, sealed enclosure with optional IP65 protection against the ingress of dust and water.

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