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Webinar: Power Your Project Confidently with Alexander Battery Technologies

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of portable, mission-critical devices need a power solution provider with a long, reliable history of designing and manufacturing battery packs for their devices.

These devices, whether they are applications in the medical, health and safety, military, oil and gas or other markets, need a power source with a certainty of supply that is safe, reliable, high in power and can maintain long runtimes. In addition, speed to market is often a critical element as OEMs cannot afford to wait for months for new designs and prototypes to meet their demands.

Alexander Battery Technologies fulfils these needs by designing and manufacturing the best-performing, highest-quality and quickest-to-market newly designed custom lithium-ion battery packs.

In this webinar, learn about Alexander Battery Technologies’ experience and its rapid response programme. This includes Alexander’s custom battery pack development process and the key values that Alexander brings to its OEM customers: customised design, rapid prototype to production, designed-in quality and management of flexible demand requirements.

The audience will learn the intricacies of the custom battery pack development process and timeline, key features and functions that can be designed into their custom battery packs, regulatory compliance needs and how Alexander can expedite the process for the OEM customer.

Learn more about Alexander’s rapid response programme and get your product’s power source designed, developed and manufactured to meet your market demands sooner by joining Alexander Battery Technologies’ webinar.


Date: 25 May 2021

Time: 4pm GMT / 11am EST

Registration link: Please click here.

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