Frankfurt Laser Company Celebrates 25 Years of Business

Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) was established in 1994 by Dr Vsevolod Mazo and has been one of the leading addresses for semiconductor lasers in the medical field for 25 years.

About FLC

The company offers a range of laser sources from UV, over the visible range, to IR and far-IR, laser diodes and superluminescent diodes, as well as laser modules, laser systems, DPSS lasers or MID-IR LEDs, including single-mode and multimode, free space beam and fibre-coupled.

Laser diodes available from FLC include all physical types such as FP (Fabry-Perot), DFB, DBR, VCSELs, ICL (Interband Cascade Lasers) and QCL (Quantum Cascade Lasers). Wavelengths available ranges from 266nm to 16μm. In the IR range, powers of up to 3000 watts are offered.

Furthermore, FLC provides laser diode drivers and diffractive optics (DOEs), specialising in custom-made laser diode modules with customized wavelength, power and beam shaping, whether point, line or special shapes generated by diffractive and refractive optics.

Celebrating 25 years
FLC has now been selling high performance laser products for 25 years. Back in 1994, FLC was the first company in Germany to sell Green DPSS Lasers. Since then, FLC became a synonym for high performance laser products on sale worldwide.

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