LEMO is the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection solutions. LEMO’s high-quality push-pull connectors are found in a variety of challenging application environments including medical, industrial control, test and measurement, audio-video, and telecommunications.

LEMO’s medical connector range is called REDEL. The REDEL connectors are high-quality self-locking plastic circular connectors and their medical applications include: Sp02 connector, disposable connector, ECG connector, IP 68 connector and many others.

Medical-grade plastic connectors

The REDEL® 1P connector is a well-proven, medical-grade connector solution widely used in the medical device industry. The 1P series accommodates cable diameter up to 6.5mm and offers up to 14 electrical contacts. Top-quality lightweight and rugged materials have been chosen to optimise most applications; polysulfone (PSU), UL certified as auto extinguishable, can be sterilised by gas or by steam. The contacts are gold-plated over copper and nickel to ensure at least 1,000 mating / unmating cycles without significantly affecting the electrical characteristics.

For extensive sterilisation LEMO recommends using a PEI plastic material connector. Typical applications for these connectors include patient monitoring, ECG cables, pulse oximetry, dental equipment and imaging diagnostics. Find out more on LEMO’s website.

LEMO 1B metal connector and REDEL 1P series plastic connector.
REDEL XP medical connector with medical-grade plastic.
LEMO's facility in the UK for cable assembly. Other cable assembly facilities are located in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the US and China.
LEMO’s headquarters, located in Switzerland near lake Geneva.
REDEL factory with CNC operator, manufacturing stainless-steel connectors.

Plastic push-pull connectors

With the new REDEL XP connector, LEMO is introducing a revolutionary patented solution of the plastic push-pull connector. The latching system is now embedded in the shell, offering an increased impact resistance and a very high contact density. The REDEL XP offers multiple contact and colour configurations and suits a wide array of medical or measurement applications, from catheters to surgical instruments.

The product is available in a large choice of colour codings: black, white, grey, green, blue, yellow, red. Contact configurations range from 4 to 22 contact and can be crimp or solder type. The outer shell is available in grey, black or white; it’s easy grip design makes it much easier for surgeons and medical staff to hold and use.

High-quality cable assembly services

Expand the quality of your connector to the cable assembly with LEMO’s one-stop shop value-added cable assembly services. LEMO’s skilled technicians will build and test assemblies to your specifications.

LEMO has the capability for termination of both copper and fibre optic-based cable assemblies. Our cable assembly facilities located in each continent are equipped with the latest cable preparation, termination and test equipment, both manual and automatic. Each cable assembly is tested for pin to pin electric continuity.

Receive the same high-quality cable assemblies that you’ve come to expect from LEMO connectors.

Custom-made medical-grade connectors

While LEMO offers the most extensive product line in the industry, LEMO also understands that some application needs are unique. If LEMO does not have exactly what you need, the company can design and build a connector that meets your exact requirements.

LEMO offers custom-engineered solutions through innovative design, using state-of-the-art development tools. These powerful tools allow LEMO to demonstrate product feasibility, including prototyping, in a matter of days or weeks rather than months.

Medical connector manufacturer with a large distribution network

LEMO has been designing precision connectors for six decades. Offering more than 50,000 combinations of product that continues to grow through custom specific designs, LEMO, and its affiliated sister companies REDEL and COELVER, currently serve more than 100,000 customers in over 80 countries around the world.

As a long-established company, LEMO’s prime focus has always been product quality and has consistently been recognised as the highest quality supplier of connectors. Today four main manufacturing plants (three based in Switzerland and one in Hungary) ensure total control of LEMO’s manufacturing process from raw material to finished product. Our production is organised to ensure maximum independence from external suppliers. From raw material to finished product, more than 90% of the process is achieved in-house.

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