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MCM Electronics

Electronic Products and Components

650 Congress Park Drive,
Centerville, OH 45459,
United States of America

650 Congress Park Drive,
Centerville, OH 45459,
United States of America

Since 1976, MCM Electronics has been supplying the top businesses in the US with the parts and equipment to install, build, test and maintain consumer electronic systems. MCM Electronics supplies entire systems, component level parts and everything between. MCM is part of the marketing distribution division of Premier Farnell.

Wire, cable and connectors

Wire, cable and connectors are the lifeline of every audio, video and computer installation. That’s why we make certain we stock everything needed for custom solutions that meet your exacting standards. From bulk wire, adapters and couplers to the difficult to find components, MCM has everything you’ll need.

Batteries and power products

You’ve invested considerable time and effort building systems with the expectations that they will continuously perform to your highest expectations, without interruption. That’s why MCM offers the industry’s best, most dependable battery and power products available. From a wide range of batteries, power strips, power cords and transformers, to a full selection of lighting products, MCM will keep your equipment running.

Professional-grade tools and technician aids

Even the best products are of little use without the tools to install them. We carry a full range of high-quality tools to make your installations and repairs simple. From ESD safe tweezers and wire running kits to storage cases and boxes, MCM is your only stop for installation and repair aids.

Professional-grade audio and video components

MCM is dedicated to providing you with the finest, most dependable audio and video components available anywhere. From the finest tools and diagnostic equipment to electronic cleaning supplies – and just about anything in between – MCM has you covered.

Professional-grade security tools

MCM is dedicated to providing some of the best, most dependable and highly advanced business security tools available to make it easier for you to get your access control solutions up and running fast. From observation and recording systems to monitors, video cameras, wireless, power products and beyond, MCM Electronics has everything you need.

OEM parts, test equipment and soldering tools

MCM carries over 400 of the industry’s best brands. We stock OEM parts from LG Electronics, RCA, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips and Sharp, test equipment from Fluke, Tenma and B&K Precision, and soldering tools from Weller, Plato and Hakko, just to name a few.

MCM Electronics, Inc.

650 Congress Park Drive

Centerville, OH 45459


United States of America