Stäubli has announced it will showcase its Clean Energy Connections products at the ACT EXPO in Long Beach, CA.

The company will be offering a large range of connections solutions for alternative fuel sectors. ACT EXPO addresses the latest innovations in the alternative clean transportation industry. Stäubli is a mechatronics solutions provider focused on connectors (both fluid and electrical), robotics, and textiles.

At ACT EXPO, the largest clean fleet event that addresses all alternative fuels and all weight classes, Stäubli (booth #645) will present products such as its refuelling nozzles, break-away safety, and receptacles. Attendees will observe the innovative solutions and proprietary technology that make Stäubli one of the global leaders for fluid and electrical connectors.

Stäubli, responding to demands from alternative fuel sectors, provides solutions for all types of vehicles (light and heavy), and for all types of refilling (vehicle fleets and self-service distribution).

Stäubli’s hydrogen refuelling systems work on all types of electric vehicles fitted with a fuel-cell. The company’s couplings for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vehicles are reliable, user friendly, and safe. Refuelling systems for natural gas vehicles (NGV) fuelled with compressed natural gas (CNG) are also highly reliable and efficient.

Whether for slow or for fast refuelling applications, all Stäubli products are designed to provide comfortable use, have high reliability, and guaranteed safety.