Portescap provides miniature motors to increase energy efficiency and motion control in medical devices.

Featuring brush DC, brushless and stepper motors, the company’s portfolio delivers compact solutions with low vibration and noise levels.

Products are customised to meet client requirements, with options such as varying shaft sizes, vibration performance and design configurations. These high-power components are manufactured at low-assembly costs and can be prepared in sterile environments to meet regulatory requirements.

Portescap manufactures high-performance motors for precise control of function in medical devices.
The standard SMS brushless slotted DC motor handles more than 500 autoclave cycles.
Portescap's range of power solutions include brush DC, brushless and stepper motors.
The SMS brushless slotted DC motor can be used for surgical hand tools.
Medical device components can be manufactured in sterile factories to meet client requirements.
Portescap’s surgical motor line has continuous torque of up to 818.20 milli-Newton metres.

Medical device motors for surgical applications

Portescap’s surgical solutions line is designed and manufactured in the US.

The SMS brushless slotted DC motor is custom-engineered to be highly reliable for applications in surgical hand tools such as ear nose and throat (ENT) instruments, arthroscopic shavers and orthopaedic reamers.

The standard units withstand in excess of 500 autoclave cycles, while the premium line exceeds 3,000 cycles.

Portescap’s surgical motor line offers sizes ranging from 16.51mm in diameter to almost 28mm. The maximum continuous torque is up to 818.20 milli-Newton metres (mNm).

Brushless DC motors for high-precision motion control

Portescap offers brushless motors starting as small as 12.7mm in diameter and with speeds up to 100,000rpm.

Designed for speed and torque, these units perform well in applications requiring high-precision and durability. They offer increased motor life and high acceleration.

Portescap provides an optimised line of highly efficient brushless DC motors called Ultra EC. These address specific client requirements and have low iron loss.

Brush DC motors for high-torque medical devices

Portescap’s brush DC motor line offers frame sizes from 8mm-35mm in diameter and speeds of up to 14,000rpm.

Available with a variety of gearheads and encoders, these high-efficiency DC mini motors deliver a wide torque range in a compact unit.

Portescapc’s Athlonix line features high-power density and cost-effective units that allow engineers to find suitable solutions based on specific performance requirements, including speed-to-torque.

Stepper motors for motion precision at high speeds

Portescap offers a variety of miniature stepper motor types such as can stack and disc magnet units.

Can stack units are available in 15mm-60mm diameters. They offer long-life and high-performance with open-loop control.

Can stack linear stepper motors are available from 20mm to 42mm diameters, with both captive and non-captive designs.

Disc magnet types are available in diameters from 10mm to 91mm and are highly customisable. These high-speed mini units excel in applications that require the motion precision of a stepper motor and the speed and acceleration of a brushless DC motor.

About Portescap

Part of the Altra Motion Corporation, Portescap is driven by a passion for precision, customer-centric innovation and technical excellence.

The company offers products for a wide array of applications, from medical and surgical devices, to industrial automation and clinical diagnostics equipment.

With a global manufacturing footprint and application centres worldwide, Portescap provides the engineering expertise and know-how needed to meet some of the most demanding applications.