The Year-end Closing 2007 of the SCHURTER Group - Verdict Medical Devices
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The Year-end Closing 2007 of the SCHURTER Group

Record sales – for the first time above CHF 200 million

The Schurter Group, active in the electronics industry, increased sales by 13,0% to CHF 210,7 in 2007. Cash flow increased to CHF 17,2 mill. (+4,2 %) and profit amounted to CHF 7,4 million (–11,6%). The result achieved can be attributed to a favourable economic environment and to a general increase in productivity.

With the acquisition of the Ticomel Group in southern Switzerland, the share of consolidated sales generated abroad amounts 80%. The Ticomel Group is an electronic manufacturer (EMS) with a production site in Romania. Sales with input systems increased by more than 7% to just under CHF 50 million, component sales remained stable with CHF 130 million.

The SCHURTER group is optimistic for 2008. Despite high pricing pressure, permanent price erosion in the Asian markets and the emerging weakness of the US Dollar, SCHURTER expects a moderate growth in sales.

The Lucerne based family-owned enterprise employs 1’661 persons, whereof 518 in Switzerland in Lucerne, Mellingen and Mendrisio.

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