Appliance Inlet with Resettable Overcurrent Protection – Power Entry Module 6136 with Circuit Breaker

The new power entry module 6136 from SCHURTER combines an appliance inlet and circuit breaker into one component. The series provides a simple and cost-effective overcurrent protection, particularly suited for applications with motors.

The power entry module 6136 from SCHURTER integrates the IEC C20 appliance inlet and the circuit breaker TA35. The one-pole circuit breaker is equipped with a thermal trip-free release and offers current ratings from 50mA to 16A (ENEC) or 20A (cURus). The rocker is available in various colours and legends as well as with or without illumination. The power entry module is arranged for cost-effective snap-in mounting. Typical areas of applications are to be found in laboratory equipment, medical appliances, fitness equipment and ergo meters, in automatic winding and coiling devices, as well as in do-it-yourself equipment. The product is approved to ENEC and cURus.

Technical features:

  • Appliance inlet C20 according to IEC 60320 with circuit breaker TA35
  • One-pole circuit breaker
  • Snap-in mounting for panel thicknesses 1.5mm – 2.5mm
  • ENEC and cURus approvals for 16A / 20A at 250VAC

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