SCHURTER's New USFF 1206 Fuses Offer Low Current Ratings in a Compact Design - Verdict Medical Devices
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SCHURTER’s New USFF 1206 Fuses Offer Low Current Ratings in a Compact Design

Schurter introduces its new USFF 1206 fuses with super-quick-acting characteristic for low current applications. The new product extends the current range of the successful USF 1206 for lower ratings ranging from 160mA to 250mA. The wire-bonded fuse offers extremely low impedance values compared with competitive products, providing exceptional performance in dense circuits.

Unlike competing fuses, the USFF 1206 200mA version offers a voltage drop value at a rated current of 87mV, which is about three times less than competive products. The wire bonding makes the fuse stable and reliable with an operating temperature range of -55°C to 90°C. It is especially designed for protecting DC over-current conditions where heat dissipation is critical, including computer peripherals and communication equipment. The product includes cURus agency approval and is RoHS compliant and halogen-free.

Technical features

  • Current range: 160mA to 250mA
  • Rated voltage: 63VDC and 125VAC
  • Super-quick-acting characteristic according to UL 248-14
  • Breaking capacity of 100A at 125VAC, 100A at 63VDC

For further information or samples please contact SCHURTER.

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