SCHURTER Introduces New High-Performance Fuse for PV Systems and Touch-Safe Fuseholder

SCHURTER introduces the new solar fuse ASO and fuseholder FSO with quick-acting characteristics to protect photovoltaic and similar DC-applications. The new products extend the strategic segment ‘renewable energy’ with a 1,000VDC fuse with a current range from 1A to 30A and a touch-safe fuseholder FSO. As PV systems have grown in size, so have their circuit protection requirements such as voltage rating. This high-performance DC fuse is in a compact 10.3mm x 38mm package.

The ASO fuse protects PV modules, conductors and similar DC-applications from the potentially devastating effects of a low short circuit current in systems upwards of 1,000VDC.

The wire bonding makes the fuse stable and reliable with an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. The ASO fuse is especially designed for protecting DC low short circuit current and overvoltage conditions like solar panels (strings), inverters, battery charges and combiner boxes.

The touch-safe fuseholder FSO is designed for grid-tie or off-grid array combiners and standard DIN rail mount.

The products include cURus agency approval, and are RoHs compliant and halogen-free. For further information or samples, please contact SCHURTER.

Technical features

  • Current range: 1A to 30A
  • Rated voltage: 1,000VDC
  • Quick-acting characteristic according to UL 248-14
  • Breaking capacity of 20kA

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