Fuse 1206 Footprint Offers Low Current Ratings in Compact Design - Verdict Medical Devices
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Fuse 1206 Footprint Offers Low Current Ratings in Compact Design

Schurter introduces the new USFF 1206 fuses with super-quick-acting characteristic for low current applications.

The new product extends the current range of the successful USF 1206 for lower ratings ranging from 160mA to 250mA. The wire bonded fuse offers extremely low impedance values compared to competitive products, providing exceptional performance in dense circuits.

Unlike competing fuses, the USFF 1206 200mA version offers a voltage drop value at rated current of 87mV, which is about three times less than competive products. The wire bonding makes the fuse stable and reliable with an operating temperature range of -55°C to 90°C. It is especially designed for protecting DC over-current conditions where heat dissipation is critical, including computer peripherals and communication equipment. The product includes cURus agency approval and is RoHS compliant and halogen-free.

Technical features:

  • Current range: 160mA to 250mA
  • Rated voltage: 63VDC and 125VAC
  • Super-quick-acting characteristic according to UL 248-14
  • Breaking capacity of 100A at 125VAC, 100A at 63VDC

Should you have any further questions regarding these or other Schurter products, please feel free to contact through the Schurter website.

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