SCHURTER Presents the Most Compact Power Entry Modules for Safe Power Input Suitable for Panel or PCB Mounting

The power entry module series DC11, DC12, DC21, DC22, DD11, DD12, DD21, DD22, KM and KMF from SCHURTER are extremely compact and robustly designed. The excellent performance makes them suitable for nearly any application using detachable power.

The series are equipped with multiple functions including IEC appliance inlet C14 and switch, specifically with or without fuseholder. These lines are available either with or without EMC line filter. The compact design makes these series ideally suitable for use in equipment with limited space and more demanding electrical and mechanical requirements. Areas of applications include IT and telecom, particularly one rack unit (1RU) enclosures, as well as medical, office and automation. The series are designed to be mounted on panels with screw or snap mounting method or they are specifically produced for PCB mounting. The filtered versions have a broad metal flange, ensuring optimal contact to the appliance chassis for ideal shielding and filtering. The filtered versions with reduced leakage current are specifically available for medical applications.

The series are ENEC and cURus approved and comply with IEC/EN standards 60950 and 60601-1 for office and medical equipments.

Technical features:

  • Appliance inlet C14 according to IEC 60320
  • Fuseholder 1-pole or 2-pole for 5×20 fuses (except DC11 and DC12)
  • Switch non-illuminated or illuminated, 1-pole or 2-pole, max. inrush current 100A capacitive for 34ms
  • Current rating: up to 10A, cURus up to 15A
  • Filtered versions (DC12, DD12, DD22 and KMF) available as standard or medical version
  • Panel mount versions (DC11, DC12, DD11, DD12, KM, KMF) available for snap or screw mounting

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