Solni Tempelj is a developer of health solutions and wellness devices.
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Solni Tempelj

Wellness Devices and Health Solutions for the Medical Industry

Grajska vrata doo, trademark Solni Tempelj, is one of the leading developers of a range of health solutions for the medical industry, including wellness devices.

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Grajska vrata doo, trademark Solni Tempelj, is one of the leading developers of a range of health solutions for the medical industry, including wellness devices.

We provide professional nebulisers and inhalers, as well as our licensed Profi Sonic device with ultrasonic solutions to clinics, hospitals and spas.

The Profi Sonic series delivers numerous varieties of inhalers with sterile Isapak systems and aerosol heating, as well as accessories such as bottles for consistent medicine supply and trolleys with supporting arms for pipes.

Inhalers, nebulisers and Profi Sonic series

Profi Sonic inhaler is a reliable device for long-term medicinal inhalation.
It works alongside ultrasonic technology, operates silently and lasts for more than 48 hours each use.

The size of aerosol particles from the device is up to five microns, which is ideal for a respiratory system. The system comes with a protective bacterial filter, as well as masks for adults and children and a sterile mouthpiece.

Profi Sonic H is an inhaler with added heather, which allows the user to set different temperatures of aerosol and make the therapy more pleasant.

Profi Sonic S has the sterile Isapak system for stronger protection against viruses and bacteria in the air. It also comes with installed supporting arms to hold pipes, as well as a bottle of continuous medical supply.

All our devices can be manufactured with optional Bluetooth control upon request.

Compressor inhalers and Prizjet nebulisers

The Prizjet inhaler is a compact inhaler for applications in hospitals or the home. It produces aerosol particles three microns in size, which provide suitable penetrative function in the respiratory system.

The inhaler set comes with masks for adults and children, as well as a mouthpiece.

Ionisers and clean air solutions for negative ion production

To ensure both cleaner air and an improved respiratory system, the negative ions within our devices clear small airborne particles, including bacteria, mites, smog and viruses.

Our company offers detached ioniser units for hospitals, offices, homes and cars, which can also be used as combined installed units alongside climatisation devices for improved results.

Salt therapy and halotherapy solutions and professional halogenerators

Multisalt+ and Prizsalt+ are professional halogenerators.

Prizsalt+ is a patented medical device for use in large salt rooms in medical and wellness institutions while Multisalt+ is suitable for small salt rooms, salt cabins, spas and home solutions.

Halogenerators have a touchscreen panel for precise control and a Bluetooth connection for remote control. Only pure, additive-free medical salt can be used within the devices. The precision of grinding is for dry salt inhalation of aerosol particles up to five microns, ideal for the respiratory system.

Regeneration chambers, salt infra cabins and salt booths

Salt infra cabins deliver numerous therapies. Salt therapy is made possible through dry salt inhalation, providing benefits on the respiratory system and skin.

Infra therapy is produced with low electromagnetic fields and infra waves, stimulating blood circulation to accelerate lymph processes to detox the body.

Colour therapy and music for relaxation provide additional anti-stress benefits, as well as enhanced immune response. Our three types of salt infra cabins, namely Home Deluxe, Home Relax and Business Deluxe, can be used in businesses and home institutions.

About Grajska vrata doo – Solni Tempelj

The first form of company was established in 1992 as a developer for point-of-sale (POS) software systems. It currently comprises 15 highly educated employees. Our goods are produced for large trade companies throughout Slovenia.

In 2005, we initiated a different company inclusive in the field of general health and associated medical devices, where we started to market our devices in almost every country across the EU.

We aim to provide people with a natural method in preserving their health both at work and in the home.

Medical Halogenerator

Our quality inhalers operate on the principle of spraying aerosol particles of medicines or saltwater (physiological saline) into our respiratory system or in a dedicated space.

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