Magnetic Components for Medical Devices and Equipment

Triad Magnetics manufactures customised magnetic components for medical devices and equipment.

With over 1,000 part numbers making up a comprehensive portfolio, Triad Magnetics offers medical-grade inductors, power supplies, and transformers to the medical industry.

Each product of the company’s extensive portfolio adheres to the industry’s most organised and resourceful magnetic supplier organisation.

Triad Magnetics maintains fully International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO)-certified facilities, employing a team of highly skilled engineers, and operating fully modernised testing laboratories.


Transformers for medical equipment

Triad Magnetics provides isolation transformers and toroidal medical power transformers, which function similarly to one another, designed and built to ensure low stray field and leakage current levels.

The company specialises in creating high-quality, medical-grade power transformers for employment within a vast array of healthcare applications, appearing in assisted living facilities, operating rooms, and portable medical devices globally.

Standard medical power transformer products

For over 60 years, Triad Magnetics gained experience in the design and development of transformers for numerous industries for various applications, which enabled the expert knowledge required for assisting the medical equipment industry.

The company creates specialised medical-grade transformers that function on toroidal systems, using two coils to control their power supply. They operate by transporting power from the primary coil to the secondary coil via electromotive force (EMF).

The dual design allows for shorter coils, which enables the reduction of stray fields that otherwise intervene with electronic component performance, a more dynamic toroidal medical power supply, and condensed size corresponded with traditional laminated transformers.

Custom magnetics meeting regulatory standards

Triad Magnetics’ products include flux bands to offer an extra layer of protection against stray fields, incorporating shields between the primary and secondary coils to insulate each loop from the other.

Such features enhance the company’s toroidal transformers’ safety by significantly decreasing the likelihood of overloads or unforeseen variations in electricity.

The shield also reduces current leakage and suppresses typical mode signals, which otherwise obstruct equipment operations.

The company’s toroidal medical transformers are reliable and versatile choices for employment in a diversity of medical applications, developed with Class F insulation systems rated up to 155°F, and a 140°F self-resetting thermal switch in the primary coil.

Triad Magnetics produces 49 conventional models of toroidal power transformers, which come with all the advantages granted by a toroidal power system, along with the added perks of enhanced portability and independent placement options.

Transforming medical devices

Triad Magnetics produces magnetic components that consistently meet both customer performance specifications, as well as the most stringent medical guidelines. The company designs isolation transformers for medical applications, transformers for medical equipment, and other medical-grade transformers explicitly to meet the strictest regulatory standards.

Coupled with its vast array of medical products, Triad Magnetics offers custom power supply solutions for the medical equipment industry. The company’s devices help to guarantee each project is effective, safe and fully compliment, and its design team is ready to assist unique application requirements.