Advantech, a global leading industrial PC solution and service provider, reveals the latest in its line of ultra low power ETX computer on module (COM) products. The SOM-4461 is a 114mm x 95mm CPU module that is powered by an Intel Atom N270 processor with 945GSE chipset, which utilizes advanced power management technology. The Atom N270 offers multiple low power states and hyper threading to optimize power saving and performance. In full operation SOM-4461 only consumes 10W of power. SOM-4461 is able to drive the most demanding applications with full I/O functionality and integrated graphic engine with multiple display support.

SOM-4461 is an embedded ETX 3.0 CPU module with an additional two SATA interface and backward pin-to-pin compatibility. The new CPU module supports an Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor with Intel 945GSE and ICH7M chipsets. SOM-4461 has an integrated graphic engine powered by the Intel GMA950 graphic core and Microsoft’s DirectX 9.1. In a basic form factor of 114mm x 95mm, SOM-4461 offers scalable performance with low power consumption and provides an easy to integrate solution for applications utilizing a plug-in CPU module on an application-specific customer solution board.

Highly integrated COM module with rich I/O and software API (SUSI)

The SOM-4461 is a highly integrated multimedia COM that combines audio (AC97), video (GMA950), memory (DDR2 up to 2GB) and network functions. It provides advanced I/O capability with 36-bit LVDS, SDVO, VGA, TV out, AC97 audio, 10/100 LAN, four PCI masters, two SATA ports, four USB 2.0 ports, one EIDE, two serial ports, and a FDD/LPT port. And, with Advantech’s Secure & Unified Smart Interface software (SUSI) API, SOM-4461 offers design partners even more flexible design configuration with watchdog timer, I2C, SMBus, programmable GPIO and hardware monitoring API. SUSI helps SI decrease design effort while maintaining a compact form factor.

Ideal for entry-level applications needing low power advantage

In addition, SOM-4461 with Intel Atom N270 processor features Enhanced Speed Step technology with multiple voltage and frequency functions to provide optimal performance and reduce workload and throttling, which lowers power use. SOM-4461 also works to prevent the processor from overheating with advanced thermal management features. The 945GSE chipset with integrated Intel GMA950 graphic engine and Microsoft DirectX 9.1 supports multiple displays consisting of VGA, 36-bit LVDS, SDVO and TV-out. With Windows Vista, XP, XPe and CE support, SOM-4461 is suitable for general purpose applications like POS / KIOSK, medical, factory automation, transportation, entry-level gaming machines, security and surveillance applications. Contact your local sales for more details.

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Advantech provides not only a full range of computer on modules, but also thermal solutions, embedded software and design assistance services. For more information contact your local sales or visit Advantech COM Design Support Zone at Advantech’s website.