Advantech, a global leading industrial PC solution and service provider, expands its ETX CPU module range with a cost-effective low power COM solution—SOM-4487. The new ETX CPU module is powered by the Intel Pentium or Celeron M with 915GME/910GMLE chipset to provide a perfect balance of computing performance with economy. The SOM-4487 follows the new ETX 3.0 specification, which offers all of the benefits of the original ETX standard while adding two Serial ATA interfaces without changing any of the ETX pin designations, making new modules compatible with previous versions. Customer designed application-specific carrier boards allow integrators to focus on their own value added features, greatly reducing engineering effort.

SOM-4487 is a direct replacement for SOM-4486 and 4481 ETX COM modules and ensures the continued long-term support for the vast number of embedded application solutions based on these already highly integrated COMs in medical, gaming and entertainment, military and aerospace applications. SOM-4487’s fanless low thermal design benefits from Celeron or Pentium M level stability and the improved graphic performance of the 915GME/910GMLE chipset. SOM-4487 offers great compatibility and I/O capacity with two SATA and four USB 2.0 ports, dual display support, 36-bit LVDS, two COM ports, and an EIDE interface; and of course with full ETX compatibility, PCI (4) and ISA are fully supported. SOM-4487 supports up to 2GB of DDR2 memory, making it ideal for harsh environments and applications such as factory automation, data collection and device control.

SOM-4487 also provides easy-to-use software API interface and utilities. For example, embedded security ID provides robust security functions for customers to secure their application data within the embedded BIOS. And with the BIOS Flash utility customers can update and backup the BIOS in a Widows XP environment directly.

SOM-4487 provides full legacy ETX support making it an ideal replacement for customers looking for a superb price/performance ETX CPU module solution at an attractive price. SOM-4487 is a scalable solution that lowers design and engineering effort reducing overall total cost of ownership and increasing time to market delivery. The SOM-4487 ETX CPU module board is available now; please contact your local sales office for information.

Advantech SOM-4487 main features:

  • Superb price/performance solution
  • Two SATA ports
  • Full legacy ETX compatibility
  • Improved graphic performance
  • Supports dual display output

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