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Advantech to Showcase New Products at Medica 2009

Advantech, the leading global ePlatform services provider, will showcase many exciting new products during the 2009 Medica World Forum for Medicine in Düsseldorf, Germany, which will be held this November. A variety of medical products providing solutions to a diverse set of needs will be on display. Some of the exciting new products to be showcased include point-of-care (POC) terminals that fulfil various needs in different applications; medical displays with exceptional graphics capabilities; a multifunction patient infotainment terminal; and the MICA-101 mobile clinical assistant, offering mobile solutions with a touch panel design.

Point-of-care terminals and medical displays for diverse applications

The POC-227 point-of-care terminal has a 22in WSXGA TFT LCD display and a built-in SAW touchscreen. It runs an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor with an Intel GM45 Express chipset, giving it excellent I/O bandwidth, memory handling, and superb 3D graphic performance. With an abundance of I/O and wireless connectivity options, POC-227 is suitable for use at every phase of the perioperative process, integrating clinical applications such as anesthesia, vital signs and other patient monitoring functions.

The PDC-190S medical display with an IP65-rated front panel offers a high contrast 19in MVA-type LCD flat panel. It displays brilliant, high resolution imagery with a 1000:1 contrast ratio. It is HD ready, capable of displaying progressive scan video up to 1280 x 720 pixels. The wide viewing angle (170°/170°) and sharp image quality make PDC-190S suitable for high precision medical applications such as endoscopy.

A versatile mobile clinical assistant

MICA-101, a 10.4in fanless mobile clinical assistant, has a low-power Intel Atom™ processor, dual resistive and digitizer panels for either direct touch or digital pen operation. It is ergonomic, compact and lightweight — perfect for carrying on hospital rounds. It features RFID and barcode scanners, a fingerprint reader, a webcam and various wireless connectivity options. MICA-101 is a versatile instrument, whether querying back-end systems for patient data, scanning medicine to prevent errors, identifying staff or patients, or taking and transmitting photographs of patient wounds. In addition to WIFI, MICA-101 also handles Bluetooth and 3.5 G mobile communications, allowing it to always be in contact with the hospital or clinic. It is great for providers of in-home care, and can also be used for remote consultations between patient and doctor.

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