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Printed Circuit Boards for the Medical Market

VARIOPRINT manufactures high-quality customised printed circuit boards for the medical market.

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Printed Circuit Boards for the Medical Market

VARIOPRINT manufactures high-quality customised printed circuit boards for the medical market.

We uniquely combine tradition and innovation, stemming from five decades of market experience and a reliable owner-driven approach.

Innovation derives from our open and globally oriented corporate culture and above-average investment in new equipment, expertise and processes. This mindset and a focus on the medical technology market enabled us to become one of the leading manufacturers for demanding, high-quality printed circuit boards that are tailored to your needs.

The combination of these values leads to technological leadership in printed circuit board manufacturing. We manufacture high-precision printed circuit boards for a wide range of applications.

Motivated, skilled and well-trained personnel is the foundation for innovation, quality and success. VARIOPRINT employs 150 specialists to build the products for your success.
Regular investments of our turnover into our employee education, processes capability and equipment assure state-of-the-art printed circuit board technologies made in Switzerland.
Flexible printed circuits boards with a wide range of material and stack-up combinations are commonly used in medical applications.
A combined rigid and flexible printed board offers many advantages for clients looking for custom designs. We can help you to find the perfect solution.
Radio frequency boards have a long tradition at VARIOPRINT. We can support you with a long-term experience and a wide range of material choices for this technology.
Rigidity, stability and thermal management. These are just some of the advantages we can offer you with metal back and metal coin board.
Oversize boards up to a dimension of 560mm x 1,170mm is our speciality. Used in the telecom 5G rollout, this technology offers also high potential for the medical market.
Miniaturisation is a big driver of innovation. Smaller components and higher density requires sophisticated fine line processing. VARIOPRINT addresses this requirement by offering boards with line and space of 35µm.
VARIPRINT is constantly seeking for new materials in order to address the challenges of new technologies. Benefit from our experience to process glass as printed circuit board material.
Optical backplanes the solution to address ever increasing data rates when copper reaches its limitation. VARIOPRINT can offer you the solution with electro optical circuit board.

Printed circuit boards made in Switzerland are in high demand in the sensitive application area of medical devices. From diagnostic tools to implantable systems, the name VARIOPRINT is synonymous with uncompromising quality.

Printed circuit boards for the medical market

We can support you with a wide range of technologies for the medical market. Highly reliable printed circuit boards for implantable pacemakers and defibrillators are just one of the many applications we serve from our rural location in Switzerland near Lake Constance.

Whether flexible and thin-printed circuit boards for in-body catheter devices or complex high-density interconnect (HDI) and metal backplane printed circuit boards for analytical tools, we can provide you with the technology and expertise to give your patients and customers with better tools for diagnosis and treatment.

High-frequency expertise

Connectivity is also becoming more important for devices in the medical market. VARIOPRINT can support customers with experience in manufacturing high-frequency printed circuit boards.

Due to our expertise in processing unique materials and controlling demanding tolerance requirements, we regularly produce printed circuit boards with frequency ranges up to 90GHz.

Our specialists with a background in high-frequency design know what it takes and how we can help you make your project a success.

Printed circuit board technology portfolio

Printed circuit board technology at VARIOPRINT draws on the experience of highly skilled employees and benefits from continual investment in equipment, enabling us to achieve technology leadership in the field of printed circuit board production.

This ranges from ultra-fine line applications with a line / space of 35µm up to large format printed circuit board with a dimension of 560mm x 1,170 mm.

Benefit from our wide range of printed circuit board technologies:

  • From single-sided to high layer HDI printed circuit boards
  • Vast material expertise, including liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and glass as printed circuit board material
  • Flexible and Rigid-Flex printed circuit boards
  • Metal back Boards using copper or brass
  • High frequency printed circuit boards with substrates from all established material suppliers
  • Special fine line applications with line / space of 35µm
  • Large format printed circuit boards up to 560mm x 1,170mm
  • Electro optical circuit boards (EOCB)

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