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Filtration and Fluid Control Products

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Filtertek, a subsidiary of ITW, is a manufacturer of filters, check valves and plastic injection moulded disposable devices for medical and pharmaceutical OEM customers worldwide. The company’s filtration and fluid control products are used in applications such as drug delivery, drug transfer, intravenous (IV) infusion, parenteral nutrition, anaesthesia, pain management, apheresis and kidney dialysis.

In addition to its range of standard filters and check valves, the company also designs and manufactures custom plastic injection moulded components and devices. The company’s customers range from start-up companies to some of the best known multi-national corporations operating in the medical device and pharma industry, and its products are widely used in hospital, laboratory and home settings.

Check valves for IV lines

Intravenous infusion has become increasingly complex particularly in intensive care units with patients receiving a cocktail of different drugs. For these vulnerable patients, whether they are adults, paediatrics or neonates, Filtertek’s check valves offer exceptional protection against back flow, reflux or free flow in multi-lumen IV lines.  

Filtertek’s anti-reflux and anti-siphon check valves come with a wide range of fitments suitable for connection to male and female luer connectors or directly to tubing. These valves are widely used for intravenous infusion of all types of drugs including large volume fluid replacement, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) containing lipids, anti-biotics, anaesthetics, analgesics, contrast media injections for CT and MRI scanning and heparin injection for dialysis. The valves are suitable for either pump or gravity infusion.

Filters for intravenous infusion therapy

Filtertek manufactures a range of filters suitable for intravenous infusion therapy. Its range of standard filters includes 0.2µm and 1.2µm micron IV filters in both adult and paediatric sizes. A filter for the epidural anaesthetic can also be supplied. For laboratory and pharmacy use, the company manufactures 3mm, 17mm, 25mm and 50mm diameter filters in a range of different pore sizes and fitments. Vents (air filters) for IV spikes, cannulae and enteral feeding sets are included in our range of standard products.

Custom plastic injection moulded components and devices

Filtertek designs and manufactures custom plastic injection moulded components and devices. Insert moulding of filter media into plastic components is a core competence of the company. The company is also very experienced in twin shot moulding and has worked with a wide range of materials including polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate and polysulphone.

High-volume automated assembly of multi-component devices including plastic and metal parts such as needles is also catered for and we can pack devices for use as single pack sterile disposables. The company’s custom injection moulded components and devices find use in applications such as drug delivery, drug transfer, drug/device combination products and diagnostic disposables.

About Filtertek

Filtertek is a subsidiary of ITW, an international company with over 800 businesses worldwide, 60,000 employees and a turnover of $16bn. The company has a philosophy of being close to its customers, offering exceptional service and innovative products with a superior level of technical performance.


Industrial Estate

Newcastle West

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