Innovative and compact continuous level transmitters

Gems Sensors & Controls has expanded its product offering with the launch of two new innovative and compact continuous level transmitters. The XM/XT-300 and XM/XT-700 are ideal level sensors for applications in shallow tanks where space is at a premium or tighter resolution is a must, such as OHV, HVAC, printing and medical industries.

"These new products are essentially the blending of two level stalwarts for Gems, the LS-300/700 point level switch and XM-800 continuous level transmitter," says Tim Kelley, Product Sales Manager for Gems Sensors & Controls. "By taking the best of both worlds, we now can offer our OEM customers a compact sized, continuous level transmitter option."

If you need the durability of metal with a compact design for restricted spaces, take a look at the XM/XT 700 series. These sensors combine the rugged durability of stainless steel or brass construction in a lightweight package. They are ideal for tanks less than 2 feet (60cm), and are exceptionally versatile for a broad range of applications.

For chemical compatibility, the XM/XT-300 series provides the same lightweight and compact design in polysulfone, with a broad choice of mountings and float materials. Gems’ experienced engineering and sales staff also offer customized solutions for applications not satisfied by the standard transmitters.