Küfner specialises in designing and producing individual solutions for screens, strainers, as well as filters for liquids and gases. The company’s filtration products provide safe, patient centred care and failsafe functioning; they also offer hygienic and economical operations across a broad spectrum in the health industry, from hospitals and dental surgeries, to home care and laboratories. From an idea and blueprint to a ready-to-install filter, Küfner is a one-stop-shop for individual and series production.

Customised filters for intensive care, surgery and medical care

Küfner develops and manufactures custom filtration solutions for a broad range of medical applications in the fields of intensive care, disinfection, sterilisation, emergency services and surgery.

Its products are used in various applications, such as anaesthesia and respiratory devices, as well as devices for testing pulmonary function. Furthermore, custom filters by Küfner are applied to disinfectors, sterilisers, anaesthesia bags, respiratory masks and suction apparatuses, in addition to supply lines for gas, compressed air and oxygen. Küfner’s customers range from midsize companies to as multinational enterprises operating in the medical device and pharma industry.

Tailor-made medical filters and screens

In addition to producing filters and screens with intelligent functions, Küfner also takes care of a sophisticated production concept to ensure an efficient and economical output. Its operating experience in providing very different industries with tailor-made filters for every project phase allows the company to deliver small lots and midsize lots, as well as large volume production. From handmade filter production in various different steps through semi-automatic assembling, to a completely automated production, the firm covers all of these approaches.

Küfner designs and manufactures customised filters and screens for a broad range of medical applications, e.g. respiratory devices.
Tailor-made filters by Küfner – with metal or plastic membrane and mesh – are applied in suction apparatuses.
The Küfner FLEXi-Clip is an innovative filter for easy mounting and higher durability.
The Küfner product range covers individual screens, strainers and filters from metal and plastic, with metal mesh, plastic mesh and membrane.
Küfner supports the customer’s product development process by quickly providing prototypes for testing purposes.

DIN EN ISO certified manufacturer of filters and screens for medical devices

The business is certified according to the quality standards DIN EN ISO 13485, DIN ISO/TS 16949 and DIN ISO 14001. The DIN ISO 13485 certification ensures stringent quality control processes at Küfner for all types of filters and screens to be applied in medical devices.

Filter and screen prototypes for testing

Early project phases require quick and economic filter models, as well as prototypes for different tests, such as flow rate, pressure, trial installation, long-term or system tests. By using rapid technology, Küfner can provide filter and screen prototypes for all of these situations within a short period of time. The Küfner design and engineering department supports the customer’s product development process through its experience and know-how on materials and filter design.

About Küfner

Küfner owns three sites in Germany, with more than 300 employees and 60 years of expertise. Through its agencies in the US and Brazil, it provides services for customers worldwide.