The collaboration between Caeleste and Paradromics resulted in a leap forward in Experimental Neuroscience. The project has resulted in the largest ever recording of cortical activity.

Caeleste used their expertise in image sensor design to develop low-noise, high-speed CMOS interface circuit for this recording.

More than 31,000 electrode potentials were recorded simultaneously showing the reaction to auditory stimuli. This technique is used in a recently developed application Paradromics. The USA-based company offers solutions to unmet medical needs in healthcare. The latest recording creates the possibility to observe brain activity with increased accuracy and to collect more reliable data.

The first implementation of this technique will be used in a communication device supporting patients with severe paralysis.

Caeleste was founded in 2006 and is specialized in the design, development, and supply of custom-made CMOS image sensors and readout integrated circuits. The application domains of the products vary from the medical field to space applications.