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Portable Brain Scanning Imaging

EMVision is Revolutionizing Stroke Care Through Portable Brain Imaging

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EMVision is a medical imaging company with a mission to revolutionize stroke care by developing portable brain scanners to address significant unmet clinical needs.

Their aim is to make brain imaging technology readily available to patients, allowing for quicker diagnosis and treatment of stroke, a major worldwide health and economic issue. They are committed to transforming the approach to Stroke Care, thereby positively influencing the lives of millions around the globe.

By providing clinicians with detailed information about stroke type, size, severity, and location, EMVision’s technology can support effective treatments such as the administration of clot-dissolving drugs, mechanical clot retrieval, or hemostatic interventions to control bleeding.

EMVision’s technology is based on the principle that rapid action is essential to preserve brain cells in the event of a stroke or brain injury. The quicker the treatment is administered, the greater the amount of brain tissue that can be protected.

Introducing “emu”: The Bedside Brain-Scanner

The company’s lead product is a portable, non-ionizing brain scanner called “emu”. This cost-effective and safe bedside device can complete a neurological exam in under ten minutes. It consists of a headset mounted on an articulated arm placed on the patient’s head. By combining non-ionizing ultra-high-frequency radio signals with powerful artificial intelligence, emu rapidly produces brain images, aiding in assessing suspected stroke. It is designed for use in ICUs, stroke wards, and remote communities.

(Disclaimer: the emu is currently an investigational device only and is not commercially available for sale in the USA, nor has it been evaluated by the FDA.)

Second Generation Pioneering First Responder Device

In addition to the emu bedside device, EMVision is also developing a second-generation ‘first responder’ helmet-based scanner. This advanced prototype consists of a lightweight helmet with 28 antennas designed for deployment in road and air ambulances. It is intended to be transported to the point of care via a backpack and offers entire brain coverage in a single scan. The Gen 2 headset is expected to be assembled by the first half of 2024. It will be used for planned road and air ambulance trials under EMVision’s collaboration with the Australian Stroke Alliance.

EMVision’s focus on portable brain scanners stems from the urgent need for rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke. As CEO Scott Kirkland explains, “Time is crucial in stroke cases, and early access to effective treatments leads to better outcomes and reduced disability. With their portable devices, EMVision aims to make brain imaging more widely accessible, low-cost, and easy to use, increasing the percentage of the population that can access timely stroke treatments.”

Innovating for Accessibility

The key principles guiding EMVision’s development of portable brain scanners were portability and energy efficiency. Using a series of antennas and signals similar to those used by mobile phones, the devices provide high-quality brain images without the high energy consumption or magnets required by traditional CT or MRI scanners. Emu’s true value is its ability to inform quick decisions in time-sensitive medical emergencies without reliance on multi-million-dollar infrastructure.

EMVision’s innovation in portable brain imaging technology has the potential to transform stroke care. By providing clinicians with rapid and accessible brain images, EMVision can contribute to faster diagnosis and treatment, ultimately improving patient outcomes and reducing the burden of stroke worldwide.

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