OPTEL is one of the world’s leading providers of vision inspection, serialisation and traceability systems whose solutions help medical device companies ensure the safety and integrity of their products, adopt more effective quality assurance processes and increase brand value.

Our expertise resides in the development and integration of state-of-the-art vision inspection, traceability, product authentication, analytics and patient/consumer engagement technologies.

Vision inspection technology for medical device packaging

Our solutions for the medical device industry include automated vision inspection technologies to validate products, direct product marking, packaging and seal integrity, component presence in kits and trays, as well as labelling and printing.

Renowned for vision inspection, serialisation and traceability, OPTEL has offered solutions for medical device companies for over thirty years.
HD PrintSafe is a vision inspection solution developed for high volumes and large web print.
Specialised inspection technologies use innovative and flexible automated vision software.
Automated vision inspection systems contribute to ensuring quality in product marking, packaging and labelling.
OPTEL’s Seal Inspection solution detects contaminants among other anomalies, while verifying the integrity of the seal in a controlled environment.
Proven traceability solutions offer device identification and complete visibility all along the supply chain, offering clients actionable granular data.
OPTEL’s products can be used in a number of applications, such as pacemakers.

OPTEL’s proven traceability solutions offer device identification and complete end-to-end visibility along the supply chain from manufacturing to the patient.
Some of the main goals medical device manufacturers can achieve through OPTEL’S solutions are:

· Reduce the number of false rejects
· Avoid recalls due to printing or mislabelling errors
· Comply with UDI regulations
· Track devices all along the supply chain

Medical packaging quality control

Timely detection of product defects or anomalies, as well as the ability to trace products back to their origin and track their journey along the supply chain, are crucial to protecting brand reputation and maintaining or enhancing consumer confidence.

OPTEL’s systems can help everyone involved in the process, including manufacturers, distributors and hospitals, to know exactly where products are located at every step of the supply chain.

Our solutions help manufacturers prevent time and resource-consuming device recalls, ensure compliance with regulations and get feedback from patients about device usage.

Robust vision inspection for product marking, packaging and labelling

OPTEL’s automated vision inspection systems contribute to ensuring quality in product marking, packaging and labelling. Once combined with data management and serialisation, they allow manufacturers to make the most of the data being collected on the packaging line and along the supply chain.

Our scalable and traceability-ready vision systems are renowned for the quality of their cameras, lenses, lighting and software, which can reliably connect with any ERP system.

OPTEL’s vision inspection solutions can be grouped into the following categories:

Product inspection: Determines unit dimensions, shape and colour, among other cosmetic characteristics. Verifies characters and codes of direct marked devices.
Packaging inspection: Inspects the packaging and seal integrity.
Kit inspection: Validates component presence in trays, as well as cosmetic characteristics such as shape and dimensions.
Labelling and printing inspection: Checks label presence and orientation, artwork, variable data, barcodes, grading and printing inspection on different packaging materials such as Tyvek, foil, flexible web and pouches.

Complete label inspection system

CIS PrintSafe performs a complete inspection of artwork and variable data on labels. It combines the power of contact image sensor (CIS) inspection technology with innovative and flexible automated vision software.

The system was designed to inspect wide webs at high production speeds. Being a compact yet powerful technology, it offers great flexibility to be installed where it is most needed on the production or packaging line, helping to reduce false rejects and to avoid waste.

High-speed printing and inspection system

HD PrintSafe is a printing and vision inspection solution specifically developed for large webs and high printing speed. It combines a fully integrated inkjet drop-on-demand printer with CIS technology.

This system provides complete label inspection (artwork and variable data) and a centralised entry point and is ready for serialisation and aggregation configurations.

Seal inspection system for contaminants, defects and creases

OPTEL’s Seal Inspection Solution detects defects such as foreign-body contaminants, creases, scarce sealing material and other anomalies in a real-time controlled environment. The solution minimises the risk of human error that is common in manual inspections. It complies with cleanroom standards and can be located next to sealing machines for vacuum-formed trays with paper, foil or Tyvek lids.

High-quality vision inspection and traceability for medical packaging

OPTEL earned its leading position in the vision inspection and traceability market through more than 30 years of experience providing effective solutions in the life sciences sector.

Its global team of experts is committed to developing turnkey solutions based on optimised and proven technologies that enable manufacturers to reduce downtimes and maximize overall operating efficiency (OEE).

Our solution designers consider the particularities of medical device manufacturing environments such as cleanrooms, manual or semi-automated processes and short time-to-market needs.


OPTEL is a leading global provider of traceability systems whose goal is to use its innovative technologies to build a sustainable world through the Intelligent Supply Chain®.

OPTEL is the only company with the ability to offer true end-to-end traceability, providing granular data at every step of the supply chain—from raw materials to the consumer and beyond.

Founded in 1989, OPTEL is a Certified B Corporation headquartered in Canada, with facilities in the United States, Ireland, India and Brazil, as well as employees worldwide.