Sensor Electronic Technology (SETi), manufacturer of UVTOP® and UVCLEAN®, is the world’s leading supplier of ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV LEDs), covering the spectrum from 240nm to 360nm.

LEDs: long-lasting, robust, cool-operating UV technology

UV LEDs are not simply a replacement for existing UV technology: they also enable new applications and new markets by offering the following advantages:

  • Small light source with a flexible footprint and emission pattern
  • Cool temperature operation
  • No warm-up or stabilization period: instant on / off
  • Ease of integration and low-cost electronics with low voltage
  • Long life
  • Mechanically robust
  • Environmentally friendly

To help enable new applications, SETi has an engineering center that designs, develops and integrates UV LEDs into solutions, both directly for the customer as a service and to promote new ideas at SETi into products through manufacturing / integration partners.

UV solutions across 240nm to 360nm wavelength

SETi is the leading supplier of UV LEDs and UV LED solutions shorter than 365nm in wavelength. The patented MEMOCVD technology allows SETi to build LED products across the broadest wavelength range from 240nm to 360nm for the most comprehensive UV LED product portfolio in the world.

Sensor Electronic Technology (SETi) manufactures ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV LEDs) for the medical device industry.
SETi’s UVTOP® is the broadest range of UV LEDs on the market.
UVCLEAN® lamps are multi-chip arrays of UV LEDs enclosed in metal glass packages.
SETI’s UV LEDs are available across 240nm—360nm wavelengths.

The product portfolio includes:

  • UVCLEAN LED lamps
  • Custom LED solutions


  • Fluorescent spectroscopy
  • Optical sensing, monitoring and detection
  • Phototherapy
  • Chromatography
  • Disinfection: water, surface, and air
  • UV Curing

Broad range of custom UV LEDs

SETi’s UVTOP is the broadest range of UV LEDs on the market. Our highly trained team of customer support staff can help you select and specify the best product for your application and our applications engineering team can help you integrate UVTOP into your product.

Features include:

  • 240nm — 360nm with continual spectral coverage
  • Wavelengths tunable to any custom wavelength specification
  • Products with 1-2mW at 20mA CW
  • >100mW in pulsed mode with rise / fall times <2ns

SETi’s trademarked UVTOP metal-glass-based LEDs represent a flexible through-hole packaging solution that is ideally suited for R&D and to customers who require custom LEDs and LED lamps.

To complement the metal-glass package, SETi recently launched its UVTOP LEDs based in ceramic surface mount packages (SMD). This SMD-based line of UVTOP LEDs has been developed to address high volume markets that demand lower device and assembly costs.

In 2012, SETi opened its high volume manufacturing facility for UV LEDs, driving the cost of manufacture down. Now by employing new high-volume packaging techniques, SETi is bringing the world-leading UVTOP LEDs to new mass volume markets.

Multi-chip UV LED arrays

UVCLEAN lamps are multi-chip arrays of UV LEDs enclosed in metal glass packages. Standard and custom lamps are available in a selection of wavelengths from 255nm to 360nm. SETi offers UV LED solutions under its brand UVCLEAN that can include one or more of the following:

  • High-power lamps – consisting of multiple chips on a single package, SETi manufactures standard and custom lamps that range from 5mW to over half a watt of optical power. These lamps have been successful in rapid disinfection applications, where surfaces, air and water can be disinfected in just a few seconds. SETi offers these lamps in standard metal-glass packages and in customized configurations for OEM customers and in applications where higher powers are demanded including disinfection, UV imaging and medical therapy
  • Multi-wavelength lamps – packaging multiple chips with different wavelengths in a single package offers customers a broadband light source that can be built to switch as many as 24 individual wavelengths on / off at any time. This ability allows fluorescence spectroscopy customers to replace broadband light sources with LEDs, removing the need for optical filters, diffraction gratings and mechanical choppers, significantly simplifying the system. Multiple chips of fixed wavelengths can increase sensitivity and performance of a spectrometer in markets including life sciences, environmental monitoring and petro-chemical
  • Closed loop feedback control – for applications requiring a very high level of stability in output power, such as UV transmission and absorption measurement, SETi offers closed loop feedback systems that can monitor the output power and temperature of the LED and adjust the control conditions accordingly
  • Fiber coupled LEDs – when a remote light source is required, SETi offers fiber-coupled UV LEDs in either a pigtailed fiber or SMA quick connectors

Customized OEM UV solutions

SETi has the capability to produce fully customized products and solutions. Our skilled team of applications engineers can help design full OEM custom solutions based upon your specific needs.

Power supplies include:

  • DC supplies
  • Multi-wavelength controllers
  • Pulse power supplies
  • Externally-triggered short pulsed power supplies

Custom integrated systems include:

  • UV flashlights
  • Water disinfection units
  • Fluorimeter / spectrometer
  • UVT monitor

Certified to ISO9001:2008 and AS9100, SETi is committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers and stakeholders through the highest levels of quality management. UV LEDs are ideal for life science, industrial, medical and consumer markets.

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