Solsta offers both off-the-shelf and customised technology solutions for medical applications.

As providers of electronic components, embedded displays, monitors and PCs for medical systems, it is essential that we are familiar with the specific requirements and standards that apply to medical equipment, as well as the particular challenges posed by obsolescence.

Embedded technology for medical applications

Medical technology plays a vital role in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients, particularly in preventing disease and other conditions through early detection and self-care. There are specific requirements and demands that must be met by electronic components and displays for medical systems.

The EN 60601 standards cover the safety, essential performance, and electromagnetic compatibility of all medical electrical and electronic equipment to ensure it is suitable for clinical and medical environments. It is essential that providers of components and displays are familiar with these demands and understand how they impact original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Solsta provides a range of off-the-shelf and customised solutions for medical device companies.
We employ application specialists in the areas of embedded processing solutions, displays, lighting, imaging, and communication technology.
We aim to help clients address the difficulties caused by component obsolescence.

Solsta has years of experience supplying to top-tier medical OEMs and understands the obstacles they must address. We also help to overcome problems caused by incompatible components, using both our off-the-shelf portfolio and our Custom Solutions Centre to provide alternatives.

We adopt a consultative approach by listening to what our clients aim to achieve and helping them find the best possible solutions. As a technical, franchised distributor, we are committed to adding genuine value to the supply chain, going beyond traditional distribution to offer effective technical support and providing a host of value-added services.

Embedded processing solutions, displays, lighting, imaging, and communication technology are all widely used in medical applications. Our application specialists can help you choose the most suitable solution for your requirements.

High-end medical diagnostic imaging solutions

Solsta offers a range of medical panel PCs designed to meet clients’ requirements. These are suitable for various medical environments, including operating rooms, intensive care units, examination rooms, and preoperative preparation rooms.

Our medical panel PCs are compliant with Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) 6868-157 standards. They can be used for examining various medical images, including X-rays, ultrasound scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, angiography, and computerised tomography (CT) scans.

Our solutions are designed to provide accurate DICOM grayscale standard display and images of the highest clarity. They can also operate for 24-hour periods with battery replacement.

In addition, our medical-grade MX/MD-series LED-backlit monitors are designed for durability and ease of cleaning in medical and clinical environments. The devices feature full high-definition (HD) resolution, comply with EN/IEC 60601-1 and DICOM Part 14 specifications, and offer wide viewing angles.

LEDs, light sources and sensors for medical environments

Solsta can help you meet the illumination and sensing requirements of the medical industry. Our compact, pulsed xenon flash lamps are of particular interest to product designers and engineers developing small-form-factor, analytical systems for point-of-care and field-use applications such as medical analytics.

Our LED specialists can advise on the specific wavelengths that may be required for phototherapy, and we offer both low and high power ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) LEDs.  Many of our optical sensors are used in medical instrumentation. We have also helped OEMs facing obsolescence by producing alternative equivalent devices via our UK-based Custom Solutions Centre.

Addressing device obsolescence in the medical industry

Obsolescence can cause major problems for medical technology providers. For highly complex and expensive equipment, the entire system must be taken into consideration when replacing a part to ensure strict requirements and regulations can continue to be met.

Solsta’ medical customers have faced significant challenges when, for example, production of vital optoelectronic sensors or medical display panels has been discontinued. In this situation, replacement products must be sourced that are ‘like for like’, both mechanically and electronically, to avoid lengthy and costly reverification and revalidation processes. Finding replacement parts through a new partner may be preferable to investing in a large last-time-buy of stock that could degrade and become unusable.

Helping clients overcome obsolescence challenges is a particular focus for Solsta. Our specialist SOS business unit offers a comprehensive sourcing service for redundant and hard-to-find electronic components. Using the latest anti-counterfeit detection methods and more than 20 years of industry knowledge, SOS is a trusted source for obsolescence requirements.

In addition, our Custom Solutions Centre has the resources and capabilities to design and build entirely new components and displays to replace disused parts.

About Solsta

Solsta is the new name for Solid State Supplies (part of Solid State).

As Solid State Supplies has grown and expanded over the years, we have made a number of acquisitions, each of which has brought us huge benefits in terms of people and capability. Our core values and strengths have remained the same, but the resulting amalgamation of companies and brands has increased the complexity of how we articulate who we are, what we do and why we are unique and different from our competitors.

Our company now offers much more than just ‘solid state’ components, and with our wealth of value-added services, we do much more than just ‘supply’. So the time was right for us to create a modern, distinctive and easily recognisable brand that encompasses all that is good about our business and represents who we are today.

The company’s core values and strengths, our people, our locations, our suppliers and the products and services we provide have not changed. We continue to offer the same combination of leading edge products, technical expertise and outstanding added value that we’ve offered for many years.

We remain registered as Solid State Supplies, now trading as Solsta.