GRITEC Industrial Automation and GRITEC Digital Industry are Swiss high-tech competence centres that pioneer systems for manufacturing high-volume disposable medical products and the series assembly of medical components, including respiration valves, tips, pipettes, rack packaging, and wearable devices.

GRITEC’s future-oriented system layouts are based on patented, modular high-performance cells that unload components from multi-cavity injection moulds, inspect them individually without contact, and deposit all workable parts in carriers of different sizes without unnecessary loss. Our production line can integrate various packaging systems.

Advanced medical device and component manufacturing

Based on the customer’s load specification, GRITEC dynamically simulates and visualises all product functions on our complex plant layouts. Our operator experience and expert knowledge are documented in simulation loops to optimise the plant’s performance and quality safety.

GRITEC manufactures disposable medical products and components in large quantities.
We can simulate and visualise all product functions on our plant layouts based on customer specifications.
Our production line is compatible with various packaging systems.
GRITEC's production capabilities include respiration valves, tips and wearable devices.
We develop and implement software applications for data exchange.
We identify specifications based on client requirements, then evaluate and functionally secure them in feasibility processes.
We structure projects into design, engineering and implementation phases.
GRITEC is currently building a construction complex at its headquarters in Grüsch, Switzerland.

We base our specifications from client requirements and, using failure mode and effects analyses (FMEAs), these are evaluated and functionally secured in feasibility processes. We structure projects into design, engineering, and implementation phases to produce mechatronic devices, embedded controller solutions, new production processes, and software applications.

Software applications for data exchange

GRITEC develops and implements software applications along the value chain, creating smart-factory solutions by networking product and production data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices and industrial automation.

Our software, database and security specialists develop applications for data exchange from sensors to the Cloud. Our digital workflows and cockpits for visualisation are tailored specifically to users’ needs.

Digital inline medical data solutions

As well as the optimal material flow, GRITEC offers standardised digital industry applications that provide data on plant performance and product quality to different stakeholders individually, in real-time, and with the data security required under ISO 27001 specifications.

GRITEC Digital Industry’s software specialists implement a paperless digital workflow at the plant and can integrate it into enterprise resource planning (ERP) company processes, including SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Predictive algorithms for the use of relevant machine and product data reduce operating costs and prevent unnecessary regular maintenance without disrupting production planning.


GRITEC is an independent technology small-to-medium enterprise (SME) that has operated in Switzerland, Europe and overseas since 1990.

Based in Grüsch and with a branch office in Kriens, GRITEC has worked with many renowned medical, diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in system innovation, as well as product development and realising customised high-performance automation systems.

The company is currently building a construction complex at its Grüsch headquarters. With a 3,000m² total area and a large cleanroom infrastructure, the plant will be home to GRITEC Manufacturing Services 4.0. The complex is expected to become operational in mid-2022.