SimLabIT offers a comprehensive range of medical training content and equipment to create virtual reality lessons for students, customers, or staff of all ages to achieve concepts, principles and real-world applications throughout their work.

We serve as an online centre for virtual reality (VR) equipment and content formulation to offer multiple solutions to university, companies, and government classrooms and develop VR labs.

With our products, aspiring medical students and personnel can test ideas while seeing how different calculations and other factors can affect real-world outcomes.

Virtual reality lessons to enable student engagement within medical training

SimLabIT’s solutions aim to increase student engagement and motivation.

Our virtual reality equipment can leave students motivated to study harder, more interested in the topic at hand.
We offer multiple products and services to university classrooms and for the creation of virtual reality labs.
SimLabIT aims to provide schools with the best of what the virtual reality industry currently has to offer.

Our labs help students to become more engaged through the latest VR technology, as well as bring medical theories and principles into life.

High-tech virtual reality lessons and equipment for teaching and training applications

Many institutions have heard VR is a valuable tool for teaching but have no idea what their equipment needs and costs will be.

SimLabIT can provide recommendations for the most suitable, cost-efficient equipment.

Our experienced VR engineers work with administrators to answer questions and make informed suggestions. Organisations can stay up-to-date with how VR performs in their sector, the equipment needed, and the possibilities the technology offers for teachers and instructors.

Access to major virtual reality equipment manufacturers

SimLabIT has ready access to major equipment manufacturers and the latest designs, giving customers the best of what the industry currently has to offer.

VR labs are a significant benefit to institutions, allowing students/professionals to use cutting-edge technology for more accessible and deeper learning towards the medical industries.

Customised virtual reality lessons creation

Even though an educational institution can comfortably work with SimLabIT to acquire the VR equipment they need, lesson creation can initially be a difficult challenge. When a medical professor / professional uses a lecture and / or projects to transfer their knowledge to VR can require time that institutions do not have.

The SimLabIT team can take all course information and learning goals, incorporating it into vibrant VR lessons, making VR learning immediately available to any classroom, university department, campus-wide VR lab, or organisations training department.

SimLabIT offers an editor that can quickly create content on how to use all tools effectively.

Financial assistance for virtual reality facilities

For educational institutions, we have created a VR network that can help institutions and organisations obtain the grants needed to fund a fully functional VR lab.

The network also gives SimLabIT clients improved access to VR developments, expertise, and new technologies.