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Engineering and Prototyping of Medical Devices and Equipment

Voxdale (Antwerp, 2005) is a design, engineering and research agency for mechanical and mechatronical development of medical devices and equipment.


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Voxdale (Antwerp, 2005) is a design, engineering and research agency for mechanical and mechatronical development of medical devices and equipment.

As a service provider and prototype producer, Voxdale is guiding projects through their initial verification and feasibility studies. Concepts and ideas are developed, product design and engineering started, risks and failure modes analysed, and functional prototypes in medical grade materials are built. Voxdale can assist in all regulatory aspects and simulate and optimise functionality, using unique finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools.

Functional prototypes used in usability and clinical trials are designed, as well as innovative industrialised solutions, tailor-made for assembly and servicing (DFA, DFS), and detailed for mass manufacturing and market introduction.

Voxdale works with GMP and ISO:13485 certified suppliers for components, materials, injection moulding, assembly and packaging.

Sketches are carried out for concept design. Generating ideas on paper helps to explore size, shape, proportions and usability.
Voxdale performs computation fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation for design verification, flow analysis and particle distribution through equipment such as an aerosol masks.
The company carries out finite element analysis (FEA) for stress distribution and displacement of implants. Geometries, material characteristics, designs, different attachment points can be compared and optimised.
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis can be performed for a filter concept for molecular diagnostics. Heat transfer, thermal management, volume flow, velocity and pressure drop are verified and optimised.
Product architecture, design and appearance are tested. Exercises cover chassis design, housing aesthetics, component integration and material selection.
The company carries out 3D CAD rendering of all components and mechanics specialist items such as injection devices.
The company offers prototyping services of medical devices, including soft tool (aluminium) for injection moulding of a plunger in medical grade material for design validation and a Phase I clinical trial.
The company carries out assembly steps of components and micro needles of injection devices, built-in soft tools for specialist requirements such as a Phase I clinical trial.
Voxdale fully assembles pilot batches of medical devices for usability studies and clinical trials.
The company ensures that medical devices are ready for design validation and assessment of regulatory aspects.

Proof-of-concept (PoC) feasibility studies and simulations for medical devices

Based on existing or new medical research, Voxdale can initiate feasibility studies towards a first concept design of the new product. In this process, CFD and FEA simulation tools will be used to investigate, verify and optimise the functionality and proposed geometry.

These verifications can include internal and external flow analyses of liquids and gases, thermal management, and structural analysis (stress and displacement).

Medical device and equipment design: materials, engineering and computer-aided design (CAD)

The materialisation of products can start once the concept design has been established and the design input is defined. The product and system architecture will be constructed in computer-aided design (CAD) tools, materials will be chosen based on bio-compatibility, extractables and leachables, sterilisation method (i.e. gamma ray, electron beam, X-ray, ethylene oxide), and shelf-life (if applicable).

Voxdale’s materials expertise ranges from medical grade polymers (e.g. PP – Polypropylene) and elastomers (e.g. TPE), to metals (e.g. for micro needles) and composites.

If needed, external or in-house electronics and mechatronics will be integrated in the device or apparatus.

Regulatory affairs: technical files and documentation of medical devices

Parallel to the mechanical and mechatronical design, all relevant regulatory records can be composed. This comprises the initial set-up of a summary technical documentation (STED) file, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) on component and device level, essential requirements checklist, all according to ISO: 13485 processes and procedures.

Depending on the medical device class (e.g. I, II, III, a, b), this approach will facilitate CE-labelling and other certifications.

Prototyping: pilot batches, small series, industrialisation, manufacturing of medical devices

Voxdale has 3D printing facilities available to build prototypes to check usability, functionality, proportions and aesthetics.

In a second step, (aluminium) soft tools are built for injection moulding with approved medical grade materials and plastics to validate and use products in clinical trials (e.g. Phase I, II, III) and studies.

The resulting validation output will be implemented in a final industrialised design, to be manufactured in (steel) hard tools and moulds.

Design for assembly (DFA, e.g. for fill and finish) and design for service (DFS, if applicable) will be assessed, and bill of materials (BOM) will be released.

Packaging and packing insert (leaflet) can also be defined in this phase.

Voxdale is a member of FlandersBio.

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    Voxdale (Antwerp, 2005) is a design, engineering and research agency for mechanical and mechatronical development of medical devices, medical equipment and production lines.

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