Accu-Glass is global manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of precision glass capillary tubing products for the medical, laboratory and point-of-care markets.

Precision glass tubing products

Accu-Glass solves the flow control and liquid handling needs of medical device manufacturers around the world. We produce a wide range of precision glass tubing products that include capillary tubes for collecting and dispensing specific volumes of blood and other liquids, capillary flow restrictors / regulators for mobile infusion pumps and flush devices, ferrule tubing for diagnostic kits, and ampoules for urgent care applications. We are also a leading supplier of infrared-absorbing, hermetic-sealing glass for RFID transponders and electronic switches.

Custom-designed systems are employed to provide precise dimensional measurements to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Some of the measuring systems include:

  • Flow-testing technology
  • Laser technology
  • Volumetric measuring technology

Glass flow restrictors, capillary tubing, ferrule tubing and glass ampoules

Our glass flow restrictors are utilized in many applications where an exact flow rate is needed, such as for ambulatory infusion pumps.

Accu-Glass manufactures and supplies precision glass capillary tubing products.
Accu-Glass's products include capillary tubes, capillary flow restrictors / regulators, ferrule tubing, and ampoules.
A 25µm ID, capillary tube flow-control restrictor.
Diagnostic and point-of-care ferrule capillary tubes.
Glass transponder packaging tubes.

Accu-Glass manufactures capillary tubing, which is small diameter thin-walled precision glass tubing that exhibits capillary action.

Accu-Glass’s ferrule tubing is a unique funnel, lead-in, glass tube with ideal applications in diagnostic test kits and POC applications.

We also manufacture glass ampoules, which are used for packaging and dispensing a wide variety of liquid urgent-care products.

Glass tubing for electronics and fiber-optic components

Our glass tubes are used in numerous electronic applications where discrete electronic components must be hermetically sealed and isolated from the environment. This is ideal for RFID and reed switch applications.

Cut to length, precision (tolerance: ±1µm) diameter glass borosilicate tubing is used in fiber-optic components as connector ferrules and collimators.

The proprietary Accu-Glass tubing and rod forming processes are capable of melting various glass compositions, which make them suitable for sealing glass to metals, including Kovar, stainless steel, tungsten and titanium.

Glass tube forming for medical products

Our glass tube forming and manufacturing processes employ SPC software for online monitoring and process control. This allows quick reaction to any production issues and helps maintain quality control to ensure product and process conformance. Collected data is archived to document and retain product history. As a premier manufacturer, flexibility has become our reputation in the glass industry. We strive to meet your needs and production requirements.

Accu-Glass has the technology and the capability to produce an inside diameter bore as small as 25µm. In comparison, this is three times smaller than the average diameter of a human hair. Outside diameters are available up to 6mm.

Air flow testing and sorting of capillary glass tubes

Accu-Glass has developed a process to measure and sort flow-control capillary glass tubes. This technology can be applied on the drawing line to select tubing using SPC techniques, or the finished product can be 100% flow-checked to ensure compliance with specifications. Typical flow-control tolerances for airflow are ±5%.

Glass capillary tubing products

Glass offers precision, reliability and flexibility in manufacturing. It is a naturally inert material, so it won’t react with other materials or chemicals. It is clean, clear and strong, but versatile and dimensionally stable. Accu-Glass works with a wide range of custom glass formulations that offer different physical and chemical properties for our customers’ applications.

Glass is our raw material. Glass tubing is our only business. From concept to finished product packaging, you will find that Accu-Glass is a leader in innovation. Our engineers will work with you to develop a new product or enhance an existing product. We invite you to rely on our expertise in glass technology. The quality system at Accu-Glass is registered to ISO 9001:2000.