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Medical Device Contract Molding

Bemis Health Care, a division of Bemis Manufacturing Company, specializes in OEM medical device contract molding, fluid medical waste solutions, and sharps disposal.


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Bemis Health Care, a division of Bemis Manufacturing Company, specializes in OEM medical device contract molding, fluid medical waste solutions, and sharps disposal. From providing expert engineering service and support, to delivering quality and precise medical plastic parts, Bemis Health Care is your strategic partner for your OEM medical molding needs.

Bemis Health Care has produced custom medical device parts and components for more than 40 years, and the more the industry evolves, so do the demands of our customers. To satisfy your needs, we go beyond one-size-fits-all dimensions to produce a product that precisely meets your requirements.

Injection molding presses and machines

We cover the spectrum, from the smallest precision parts weighing as little as 0.5oz, to the largest most complex parts with weights up to 50lb, and everything in between. With more than 140 injection molding presses available ranging from 33t to 6,600t, Bemis Health Care has the capability and the capacity to meet your medical device molding needs.

Bemis Health Care achieves the highest level of quality by emphasizing our Quality Systems. Bemis is ISO 13485 and ISO 9000:2000 certified and is FDA and GMP compliant.

Bemis has approximately 1.7 million square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space to handle your medical device manufacturing needs. Other manufacturing facility locations include Lenoir, North Carolina, and Monterrey, Mexico.
Quality is our first priority. We are ISO 13485 and ISO 9000:2001 certified; FDA registered and GMP compliant, Class 8 Clean Room, and have CE Marked products.
Press sizes range from 33t-6,600t, with part size capability from 0.5oz up to 50lb.
Available engineering support includes product development and teardowns, consultation, as well as testing being available.

Bemis has more than 20 years’ experience with robot-attended injection molding machines. In addition, our manufacturing technologies are state of the art, with many covered by multiple patents in areas such as: two-shot over-molding, co-injection, sequential molding, gas assist (internal and external), extrusion, welding, plastic / metal hybrid molding, in-mold decorating, assembly, insert molding: metal and plastic.

Co-injection services for medical devices

Two materials that are combined to create properties that one material alone cannot meet or meet cost-effectively. Co-injection also allows for the use of recycled materials without loss of aesthetics or performance.

Two-shot over-molding for medical device applications

Two-shot over-molding allows use of two materials within one mold where both materials are usually visible for unique aesthetics.

Sequential molding for plastic technology

Sequential molding allows the use of two of the same or different materials in one mold and can use two unique colors at the same time. There can be two completely different parts, saving both time and money.

Gas-assist (internal and external) to enable hollow parts

Gas-assist allows for hollow parts, meaning less material and reduced less cost. In addition, faster cooling cycles for lower overhead costs are also enabled. Gas-assist eliminates sink marks on show surfaces, reduces molded in stress, and dramatically minimizes warp.

Extrusion for resistance to UV and scratches on medical devices

Multi-material co and tri-extrusions are available up to 33in, with multiple hollow wall profiles for high-strength and weight reduction. Laminated top layers as thin as 0015 for UV and scratch-resistance, as well as vapor barriers or over-recycled resin for cost reduction, and multiple colors in a single profile. Inline coatings are possible too.

Welding for manufacturing devices used in medical environments

Assembly and component costs can be reduced with options that include laser, hot plate, vibration, and ultrasonic.

Customised engineering / product development support services for plastic technologies

Our engineering and product development teams offer more than 30 years of expertise in the medical device / plastic technologies field. We offer customized services and will work together with your engineers to ensure product quality and reliability. Collaboration includes product teardowns, as well as product testing and lab analysis.

About Bemis

Bemis Manufacturing Company is a family owned business that traces its roots back to 1901. Headquartered in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, US, we have quietly grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet seats.

In addition, we are an innovative international manufacturer that markets products under our own brands and provides expertise to others, producing private-label products and component parts for a wide variety of industries. We serve consumer, commercial, medical and industrial markets worldwide and have more than 1,600 employees located in six countries worldwide.

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