Medical Machining Parts and Components

Berg Manufacturing manufactures custom medical machining components.

The company specialises in manufacturing for the medical industry and offers its services to the aerospace, military and semiconductor industries.

Berg Manufacturing’s core competency is metals machining of highly complex parts.

The company’s most valued attributes include its prototype services, including quick reaction times to design changes. Furthermore, it can provide design for manufacturability (DFM) feedback to clients’ engineers, typically within hours of receiving a model.

Custom medical machining components

Berg Manufacturing uses highly complex production machines to create prototypes, making a seamless transition to larger volumes. Its staff understands how significant time to market is, so we strive to work with its clients’ new product introduction (NPI) teams to turn around products efficiently.

The company’s mission is to stay current with innovative technologies, allowing it to offer quality parts at a competitive price.

Berg Manufacturing is the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) 13485: 2016 certified.

Manufacturing processes for complex designs

Berg Manufacturing can evaluate and address multiple manufacturing processes, allowing its support for clients’ compound designs. The company offers numerous in-house manufacturing processes for various applications and design requirements. It can deliver almost any process necessary to manufacture clients’ parts through its in-house capabilities or using its comprehensive supplier network.

With its highly qualified staff, committed to careful attention to detail, Berg Manufacturing aims to guarantee superior quality and workmanship on each project.

Berg Manufacturing requires computer-aided design (CAD) files to streamline programming and stay on the cutting-edge of technology by purchasing and regularly upgrading the most sophisticated equipment available. The company uses up-to-date material requirements planning (MRP) system to create requirements for production.

Berg Manufacturing offers the following services:

  • Computer numerical control (CNC) 2D and 3D milling / turning
  • Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM)
  • Swiss screw machining
  • Prototypes, short and long run production
  • Bead blasting / tumbling
  • Advanced computer-aided design / manufacturing (CAD / CAM) programming
  • Bar feed CNC Swiss screw machining
  • Wire EDM burning
  • Microblasting
  • Complete on-site climate-controlled inspection facility

Machines and other equipment

Berg Manufacturing has 12 Willemin Macodel 408 machines, which drop off highly complex parts, complete in one operation.

Additional support equipment includes wire EDMs (Sodick), Swiss-type turning (Citizen L20s), Matsuura multi-axis trunnion-type machining Cell (LF-160), as well as in-house Electropolish and Passivation.

Part size ranges from 0.5mm cube to part fitting into a Ø 1.25in x 2.0in long bar stock.

Inspection equipment for medical parts manufacturing

Berg Manufacturing’s Zeiss O-Inspect 322 is an optical and contact scanning measuring capability measuring machine. It combines optical and contact measuring technology in a sole system, covering an extensive range of parts and comprehensive analysis options.

RAM Optical Manual StarLite 150 is the company’s newest design in a whole non-contact inspection system with interactive measurement capabilities, complete with high-resolution digital colour cameral and zoom optics and provides accurate XY measurements better than 0.0002in. It offers advanced image processing capability with automatic edge trace and multiple field-of-view tools.

About Berg Manufacturing

Located in Santa Clara, California, US, Berg Manufacturing has a knowledgeable team of experienced personnel and leading technology, processes and equipment to successfully deliver highly complex parts and exceptional customer service.

The company takes pride in its continuous improvements and can take on difficult parts other shops decline.