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Precision Springs and Metal Shaped Solutions

48 Spring Lane,
CT 06032,
United States of America

CSS (Connecticut Spring & Stamping) offers components for medical devices, instruments, systems and equipment to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in more than 60 countries. CSS partners with all types of medical companies that require critical components within a consistent and reliable supply chain model.

The company provides engineering and design assistance to help clients get their products to market ahead of schedule and within budget. They aim to be cost-competitive, committed to continuous improvement and take a collaborative approach to product and process design.

High-performance equipment for complex medical device projects

CSS has a large and expanding business supplying tight tolerance springs, metal stampings and machined parts used in handheld surgical devices, endoscopic clip appliers, suturing devices, drug delivery systems and other critical medical applications. The company’s facilities are registered with ISO-13485.

Medical components produced by the company include monitors and electronics, drug delivery systems, pulse oximetry and parts for endoscopy, electrosurgery and orthopaedic devices.

CSS’s components include battery contacts to be used in monitors and electronic applications.
CSS can produce parts for pulse oximetry devices such as finger sensors.
CSS can produce springs to exact specifications.

Fineblanking and progressive stamping solutions

With its fineblanking technology, CSS can produce completely levelled parts with right-angled, clean-cut and smooth edges. This is particularly useful for components with wear surfaces and contact points.

The company uses its in-house tool design and tool build capabilities for our progressive stampings, ensuring a smooth launch for volume production in its power presses. CSS monitors and controls all critical aspects of a part’s journey from developing the concept to its production.

CNC machining of stamped parts

CSS can enhance precision blanked and stamped parts with critical features in a cost-effective manner. The company uses the latest computer numerical control (CNC) machining technology to modify component part designs for secondary CNC operations.

Custom-manufactured springs

CSS develops springs that meet precise specifications within a variety of materials, sizes, and wire types.

The company uses round, square, braided and shaped wire ranging from .002in to .350in in diameter, working with a wide variety of materials for both low and high production runs.

CSS also operates and maintains a variety of coilers, spring grinding equipment, wireforming and automatic looping machinery to bring spring designs to life.

Assemblies and precision parts

CSS can combine an assortment of precision components, most of which are produced at its own facilities, into assemblies or subassemblies by applying processes such as trimming, grinding, insertion, staking, welding and pressing.

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48 Spring Lane
CT 06032
United States of America