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Diamac Engineering

Sub-Contract CNC Precision Machining

Diamac Engineering is a sub-Contract precision machining company providing services to industrial and medical sectors. Diamac uses a variety of materials and high-quality CNC precision machining, including turning equipment, milling equipment, grinding equipment and cutting equipment.

Unit 4,
Woodend Business Centre,
KY4 8HD Other,
United Kingdom

Diamac Engineering is a CNC precision machining company established in 1997. Our current project list includes customers from the oil, hydraulic, electronic, civil engineering and railway track maintenance industries – from customised ‘one offs’ to high volume, extended runs. The one thing common to all however, is the requirement to deliver the exact specification on time.

Our central location in Cowdenbeath, UK, together with our comprehensive plant list, makes us the ideal partner for those jobs which may fall outside your core activities. We are often approached to fulfil a requirement from clients who either do not have the capacity or cannot afford to lose production time during set up.

Diamac Engineering is an ISO 9001:2008 approved company; we gained re-approval in September 2009.

Materials for component machining

We have a lot of experience in the machining of components using a variety of materials in various grades, such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, copper, brass, SG iron and engineering plastics.

Our current plant list consists of the following equipment.

Turning equipment for CNC precision machining

  • Warner & Swasey Universal 315 CNC lathe with Siemens MB control (X 300, Z 1000)
  • Puma CT250 CNC lathe fitted with Fanuc 21T control (254mm chuck)
  • Cincinnati Lamb HTC300 (315mm chuck)
  • Cincinnati Falcon 250 CNC lathe fitted with Acramatic A2100E control (245mm chuck)
  • Cincinnati Falcon 200 CNC lathe fitted with Acramatic A21000E control (203mm chuck)
  • Cincinnati Hawk TC200CX CNC lathe fitted with GE Fanuc 2li-TA control X Four (210mm chuck)
  • Harrison 400 lathe with DRO

Milling equipment for CNC precision machining

  • Fadal VMC 3016 (X762, Y406, Z712)
  • Fadal VMC 3016 (X762, Y406, Z460)
  • Fadal VMC 2016 (X508, Y406, Z508)

Grinding equipment for CNC precision machining

  • Elb surface grinder 48in × 20in surface table
  • Kellenberger universal grinder 1,000mm × 200mm
  • CE96 linisher 150mm × 2,000mm

Cutting equipment for CNC precision machining

  • Thomas 315 VRI semi-automatic heavy-duty vertical column action saw
  • Startrite H225W band saw

Cleaning equipment for CNC precision machining

  • Vixen Jetair shot-blast cabinet
  • Ultrawave ultrasonic cleaner 500mm × 300mm × 300mm deep

Inspection equipment for CNC precision machining

  • Mitutoya Euro-C 776 CNC co-ordinate measuring centre
  • Sheffield Measurement Cordax 1805 co-ordinate measuring centre, TP6 touch probe MeasureMax software
  • A selection of traditional inspection equipment

Diamac Engineering Ltd

Unit 4

Woodend Business Centre





United Kingdom