Metal Micro-Stamping

Die-Tech provides metal micro-stampings for medical applications, including complex forms, compliant pins, connectors, and metal substrates.

The focus of our business includes compliant pins, connectors, heat sinks, lids, metal substrates, sockets, speciality filters and other tiny metal components.

Small precision metal forms with tight tolerances are our area of expertise, and we ensure your custom stamped metal components are optimised to save time, money, and effort for the life of your programme.

We engineer metal to get your project to market. Teaming with Die-Tech at the earliest stages of your design process will ensure you become aware of all the ways your metal component can aid in the efficient manufacture of your end product, potentially saving millions of dollars in costs during your programme.

Once optimised, we offer design prototyping to ensure your component lives up to your overall performance expectations.  We then manufacture our progressive dies in-house to produce custom-stamped metal components.

Metal micro-stamping for medical applications

With almost five decades of manufacturing experience in custom-stamped components, we can solve unique metalworking problems.

Our methods could change the way you think about introducing new products and how they can function and contribute to your overall marketing strategy.

The correct custom metal stamping can save you a large amount of effort and money and help you produce higher quality products.

WEDM fabrication and assembly

Die-Tech also offers a host of related services such as wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) fabrication and assembly.  WEDM can aid in prototyping your design, reducing time and costs. Once you have proof of concept, we can build a progressive die to meet your production numbers.

We offer small-scale value-added assembly depending on the scope of your project.

Start-to-finish metalworking solutions

When you work with Die-Tech, we bring our metal stamping expertise and perspective to all elements of your component, from design and engineering to assembly and manufacturing. We provide you with the most cost-effective solution with budget, function and long-term production performance in mind.

In the processing phase, our experts can anticipate assembly challenges due to our experience and the fact that we will carefully analyse the issues during the design phase. We need fewer prototypes to prove the concept, which again saves you time and money.

We can handle the size of your programme and have the production capacity to support you.

Global metal micro-stamping manufacturer for the medical industry

Founded in 1974, Die-Tech is a third-generation, privately held corporation dedicated to quality and on-time delivery.

We are based in the US and serve a global marketplace.

In addition to creating American jobs and boosting the economy, there are some industries such as the medical device industry that require American-made parts. All of our products meet this standard.