Electrox has been a world leader in the design and development of laser marking technology since 1970 and, through its operations in the UK and US, is one of the few truly integrated manufacturers of industrial laser marking systems in the world.

Right from initial enquiry to installation and commissioning, Electrox’s comprehensive applications development capabilities and turnkey design services ensure delivery of cost-effective manufacturing solutions employing laser marking technology for a huge range of materials and applications.

Substantive sales and service operations and a network of carefully selected distributors ensure timely support for customers worldwide. By retaining control of the entire end-to-end process of design, development and manufacturing, Electrox is able to provide fully integrated product applications development and support solutions.

Laser marking systems

Electrox designs, develops and manufactures a range of laser marking systems for the following applications:

Surgical forceps marked using a Raptor laser marking system.
Electrox’s high-performance Scorpion Rapide laser marking system.
Medical bone saw component marked using a Scorpion Rapide fibre laser marking system.
Electrox’s FleXYZ laser marking workstation, used in conjunction with one of Electrox’s laser marking systems, ensures a highly flexible production solution in all environments.
  • Ablation and coating removal
  • Traceability and identification
  • Authentication and labelling
  • Product decoration

The Electrox product range comprises four product families. Each family of lasers has been developed to meet the needs of specific applications in the medical device industry. Below is a description of each product and the applications for which it has been adapted.

High-resolution laser marking system

The Raptor laser is an entry-level marking system for metals and most plastics. The Raptor laser has excellent beam quality with high peak energy and short pulse width. This makes it ideal for high-resolution marking on delicate substrates.

The Raptor is used in many medical applications, including rust-free marking of surgical instruments, plastic bezels for medical devices, eyewear marking and many other applications. The Raptor laser is virtually maintenance free and has no consumable parts.

High-speed laser marking system

The Scorpion Rapide laser is a high-performance laser marking solution based on the latest optic fibre technology. The Scorpion Rapide has been optimised for high-speed marking on metals and most plastics. Complete control of the laser beam parameters enables a wide range of marking techniques to be achieved.

The Scorpion Rapide is used extensively in the medical device industry for marking such components as bone saws, luers, pacemakers and a wide variety of metal and plastic medical devices.

The Scorpion Rapide has extremely low operational cost and is virtually maintenance free.

CO2 lasers

The Razor product consists of a range of CO2 lasers that have been developed for marking and kiss-cutting foils, acrylics, composite materials, wood and glass. The Razor lasers can operate in CW and pulsed mode. There is also a closed-loop power control feature to enable accurate kiss-cutting of multi-layer foil materials.

The Razor laser is used in the medical devices industry for marking acrylic discs used to identify surgical implants, kiss-cutting foils and cutting labels.

All models in this range are air-cooled and the average lifetime of the source is in excess of 20,000 hours.

Frequency-tripled lasers and water-cooled lasers

The Cobra UV product is a frequency-tripled laser that produces a UV laser beam at a wavelength of 355nm. The Cobra UV induces a photo-chemical reaction and is used to mark thermoset plastics without damaging the structure of the material.

The Cobra UV product range includes a water-cooled laser, used to mark LDPE containers and fire-retardant materials. Electrox offers a customer care plan to ensure the smooth operation of this laser in production environments.

Workstations for laser marking systems

All Electrox lasers can be integrated in to production lines or automated systems. In situations where a stand-alone laser marking solution is required, Electrox offers a range of class I and II workstations.

The product range encompasses low-cost enclosures with the laser in a fixed position and the workpiece mounted on a scissor table to bring the component in to focus for marking, through to workstations based on dial index tables and automated-axes, such as the FleXYZ workstation to ensure maximum productivity.