Ginolis is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural Medtech Manufacturing Innovation Conference (MMIC) and addition of Ove Öhman and Judy Muller-Cohn as keynote speakers.

The MMIC aims to bring together manufacturing and research and development (R&D) professionals from medical device, microfluidic and diagnostic test companies with the leading experts in manufacturing automation. The conference takes place from 12-13 June in San Diego, US.

Serial entrepreneur, innovator and co-founder and CEO of Astrego Diagnostics Ove Öhman will share his vast experience on the development and manufacturing of diagnostic test devices. Ove is a Polhem prize winner.

Also presenting at the MMIC is biotechnology leader Judy Muller-Cohn. Judy currently serves as COO at BioFluidica in San Diego and earned her PhD in microbial biochemistry from Universite Paris VI. Additional conference speakers include Ilkka Kaisto from VTT Finland; Pilar Zimmerman from Sekisui Diagnostics; Matt Remnek from Cognex; and Markku Känsäkoski from Ginolis.

In addition to inspiring keynote speakers, MMIC attendees will benefit from two full days of informative sessions, a Q&A panel, an exhibitor showcase, numerous networking opportunities and on-site visits to two leading medical device companies in the San Diego area. Limited exhibitor spaces are still available.

The MMIC is hosted by Ginolis, a global supplier of high-quality automation, liquid handling and quality inspection solutions for the production and processing of healthcare consumables.

About MMIC

The MMIC is a two-day conference aimed to educate medical device, diagnostic and microfluidic companies on the upcoming trends and technologies that will shape the future of manufacturing automation. For more details and registration visit