A family-owned business for over 50 years, Grace Engineering is a producer of precision machined medical devices of various shapes, sizes, materials and volumes.

We pride ourselves on thinking and processing parts outside the box to provide solutions to customers.

We specialize in CNC Swiss Screw machining and subsequent grinding processes, as may be required.  Many other manufacturing processes are also utilized to support production as are required.  Using these technologies, we are able to consistently and accurately produce parts to customer specifications, including complex part geometries, small/precise diameters (down to 0.039in diameter with a .0003in tolerance), and varying part lengths from ½in to 12in.

Grace Engineering building.
Grace Engineering specialises in developing components for medical devices.
Precision-machined parts.
We ensure our components are of the highest standard.
We offer precision grinding capabilities.
Centreless grinding.
Grace Engineering is based in Memphis, Michigan.

We maximize our efficiencies with the use of magazine bar feeders on our CNC Swiss machines, as well as running three (3) shifts for basically seven-day production coverage.

Grace is also very experienced in assembly and decorating/finishing operation/s, including testing of those items as may be required.

We have achieved and maintained our applicable Quality certifications (ISO 9001 & ISO 13485) and have additional customer bases that we supply parts to as well.

Grace Engineering Tradition

Our Products are 100% American made.

Grace Engineering is a valuable asset as a supplier of precision machined components and is experienced in working with customers to help launch new projects, as well as helping to resolve problems.

  •             Family Owned
  •             In Business for over 50 Years
  •             Design and R&D Services Available
  •             Problem Solving Expertise
  •             In house Designed and Built, Tooling and Fixturing

Quality Control – ISO Certified

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  •  ISO 13485: 2016 Certified
  •  Full complement of applicable measuring equipment
  •  Precision machining with tolerances held as tight as .0003in total

Extensive Manufacturing Experience

Areas of machining expertise include:

  • CNC Turning up to 2.500in  in diameter
  • CNC Swiss Turning up to 1.25in in diameter and 12in long
  • Magazine bar feeders allow for optimum production
  • Complex part geometries
  • CNC Milling up to 48in x 23in x 18in capability
  • Precision OD grinding to .0003in tolerancing
  • Precision Surface Grinding
  • Experienced with many different materials, shapes, sizes, etc.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Grace Engineering has developed a reputation for addressing the tough jobs that are giving customers issues and that other suppliers may shy away from.  Our in-house capabilities for designing, building and maintaining: fixtures, work holding, etc., allow us to quickly and consistently address complex shapes, sizes and materials and go from prototype to production rapidly and efficiently.

Grace Engineering performs and provides assembly operations on many components including testing of those assemblies as may be required.

Decorating / Finishing is also a service provided by Grace Engineering for those looking for that.