Custom and Standard Optoelectronic Solutions for the Medical Industry

GSR Technology Europe, is a market leader in high-quality custom-designed and standard optoelectronic solutions, developing cutting-edge products to meet the demanding needs of its customers and their applications.

The company’s main products include thin-film transistor (TFT) displays, medical and industrial-grade TFT monitors, medical and industrial-grade panel PCs and Embedded solutions.

TFT displays for medical applications

TFT is a full-colour display technology utilising high-quality Light Emitting Diode (LED) backlights. The viewing angle of TFT displays is variable, but with access to a wide range of higher-end IPS panels, GSR can offer all-round viewing angles of 89 degrees.

Combined with high contrast ratios (up to 3000:1) this means the company’s displays are ideal for a wide range of applications within the medical, and industrial sectors.  With a range of sizes from 0.96-43in GSR can support most medical applications.

Comparison of high bright TFT in direct sunlight.
Touchscreen controller.
A medical monitor being used with a gloved hand.
A touchscreen kiosk being used in a hospital.
Single board computer.

Enhanced brightness TFT displays

In areas with high levels of ambient light, or areas in direct sunlight TFT displays are often difficult to read, the image can appear too dark or faded.

If you switch from a standard TFT to a high brightness TFT (the enhanced brightness LED backlights developed by GSR), the image will be perfectly visible even in the brightest ambient conditions.

GSR offers high bright TFTs from 2.8-48in with brightness ranging from 700 nit to 2500 nit. Sunlight readable TFTs can also be supplied with extra-wide viewing angles and operate in temperatures between -30˚ to 85˚C.

Touchscreen controllers

Capacitive touchscreen technology can be overly sensitive in different environments, so a combination of an effective touch sensor design, firmware tuning and knowledge of system assembly is essential to ensure stable and reliable performance.

GSR works closely with its strategic partners to provide an extensive range of touch controllers to optimise the performance of projected capacitive touch technologies.

Key features of the company’s extensive range, specifically designed for industrial and medical applications include ten-point touch while supporting glove touch, palm rejection, water-resistance and thick glass touch, as well as a range of operating systems.

The range also offers noise immunity by higher driving voltage and frequency hopping and is compliant with the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC) 6100-4-X class A, enhanced multi serial communication server (MS CS) 2Vrms and RS 10V/m

Medical and industrial monitors

Our industrial chassis TFT monitors are fully enclosed and configured display solutions for all types of industrial and medical applications. With interface options including video graphics array (VGA), digital visual interface (DVI) and high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and with standard flat display mounting interface (VESA) mounting holes to allow flexibility in product design.

The size range is 10.1-65in with all LED backlights designed to offer low power consumption, a 30-50K operating life, and wide operating temperature range.

All GSR monitors use in-plane switching (IPS) rated TFT panels with a minimum viewing angle of 80 degrees all around, and all come with projected capacitive (PCAP) or infrared (IR) touch as standard which allows surgical or gloved hand operation.

As with all GSR products the monitors are fully customisable to allow for greater flexibility during the design-in process. GSR can supply options with ‘touchless’ PCAP, as well as antimicrobial surface treatments.

The applications for these monitors are extensive but include operating theatres, hospital waiting rooms, GP booking-in systems, pharmaceuticals production, as well as a variety of human-machine interface (HMI) applications within the industrial and food processing sectors.

Medical and industrial-grade panel PCs

Medical and industrial-grade panel PCs are particularly suited for endoscopy, ultrasound equipment, patient monitoring as well as theatre integration solutions.

GSR’s panel PC range covers sizes from 10.1-65in, which include the latest industrial-grade IPS panels offering a minimum of all-round 80-degree viewing angles.  Each product is available with i3, i5 and i7 central processing units (CPUs), 4GB or 8G of memory, and up to 256G SSD, customisable depending on the application.

Although medical-grade Panel PCs are predominantly PCAP, it is possible to supply them with resistive touch for specific applications. GSR can also supply options with ‘touchless’ PCAP and antimicrobial surface treatments.

Single-board computers for medical devices

GSR Technology has a range of Industrial grade single-board computers (SBCs), ideal solutions for a variety of medical applications.

The chief advantage of industrial-grade, single-board computers is their compact design which allows them to have higher efficiency and are more cost-effective compared with their multi-board equivalents.

SCBs are ideal for a range of medical applications, including laser eye surgery equipment, pharmacy systems for drug ordering and surgical imaging devices, as well as ultrasound machines and patient bedside entertainment terminals.

Other key features of single board computers

  • Long lifespan and long-term component availability
  • Low power consumption
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures from -40 to 85°C
  • Small form factor and space-saving design
  • Cutting-edge Intel, advanced microdevice (AMD) and advanced RISC machine (ARM) processors
  • HD/2D/3D dedicated graphics processors
  • HDMI/DVI/DP/SDVO display
  • Support for Mini-ITX, microATX, ATX and Embedded SBCs platforms